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Random Thoughts Thursday

You know pretty well that I got a lot of thoughts. And most of them are pretty much random. Here at Surrounded By Biscuits we call this the headline edition:

We’ve talked about this. Of course he does.

Really? Crack journalists over there at the Guardian. Do ya really think that any “Trump Bombshell” that had any whiff of merit wouldn’t be picked up and talked about on every single liberal TV outlet (all of ’em in other words) ad nauseum? Please shut up. Your readership sucks, we get it.

Perhaps this should say “CBS News” grapples for ratings without Donald Trump in office, so we’ll just continue to write and do videos about him as long as we can. Oh, and the next day his endorsed candidate in Ohio won a run off election. Sounds relevant to me.

I got nothin’.

Lol… “hitmen?” Why does she lie and say her name is Barbara when it’s clearly KAREN. “Ringleader.” Lmao. Get laid lady.

Because she’s a dumbass that’s been evicted three times herself because she can’t figure out a budget? Which makes her perfect for Washington DC. Also because her dumbass political party fucked around for six weeks and let the eviction moratorium expire and only at the last second tried to save it. Because reasons.

How? HOW? He puts a travel ban in effect. You call him a xenophobe. Liberals in New York and California tell people to “get out and live their lives.” “Come down to Chinatown everything is fine!” If Hillary Clinton was president there would be a lot more people dead and there would be no vaccine. Ask the folks in Benghazi, they’d agree, if they were still alive.

Why would she? I can’t begin to understand how a Democrat would get a single vote next year based on how they are handling all this. 2? Are you kidding me? You got a better chance of being shot in Chicago this weekend than you do of dying of Covid. Fact check that.

Apparently Larry Elder reads my blog because if that sounds familiar you’ve read it here before. I’ve been saying for a while, if you want to increase wages, get rid of a “minimum” all together. Then businesses would have to compete with no baseline – and they’d really pony up for people.

Sigh. So I read this lady’s article. It’s the same tired bullshit. It blames the police for all the woes of cities (Detroit in her case) that are simply victims of failed liberal Democrat policies for years. Why don’t they blame the voters who keep putting these stupid people in charge? Do you not see what is happening in the cities that have defunded police? Enjoy watching the rest of your city burn down when you take more cops off the street.

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