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Random Thoughts Thursday

Another week is about to blow by us, and there has definitely been a lot on my mind as we cruise into the weekend.

First, the “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill has cleared a procedural vote in the senate that paves the way for congress to actually be able to accomplish something. There, of course, bumps along the road to overcome, pun intended.

First, no one has seen the full text of the bill yet. “Key points” have been released, but we’d still like to know what EXACTLY we are spending $1,200,000,000,000 on. Taxpayers deserve to know because that’s an ass ton of zeroes.

Second, Democrats have repeated over and over in selling this to their colleagues across the aisle that there are adequate “pay-fors” in the bill. In other words, taxes generated or revenues garnered (for example if they built a toll road that would generate revenues) would pay for the money being spent.

A closer look at their math gives you what you might suspect – it’s classic swamp Democrat math, with some projects expected to “return” as much as 33%. Let me know what project that is, I’d like to make 33% on my money!

I saw on the local Indianapolis news today that Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has released an updated document that he refers to as the “Parents Bill of Rights.” There was a lively debate on the newscast between a woman who appeared to be a reasonable concerned parent who agreed that we need such a document and a woman who let’s just say probably didn’t vote for Trump who thinks this is unnecessary. The document lays out six points. It notes that every parent has the right:

  • To question and address your child’s school officials and school board members at publicly designated meetings with proper notice of the meetings provided
  • To question and review the curriculum taught in your child’s school by questioning local school boards and school administrators
  • To expect that the academic curriculum taught in your child’s school aligns with Indiana and federal law
  • To participate in the selection and approval of academic standards for the State of Indiana
  • To obtain educational materials and curriculum taught to your child in the classroom
  • To run as a candidate for your local school board

None of that seems very controversial to me, but what do I know, I’m a rational person.

I’ve written a few articles about the Democratic party in Texas and the stunt they pulled to leave the state to prevent the government from passing bills they don’t like. The problem is that history shows us it is a loser strategy, not that I expect anything less from a group of Democrats. I continue to predict that this will all but destroy the party in the state. See again Indiana and the disastrous leadership and decisions of Democrat Pat Bauer that ran their party into the ground and left Democrats helplessly disadvantaged in the state legislative bodies for decades to come.

And what are they exactly mad about? One simple provision: If you send in a mail-in ballot, you need to write you driver’s license and or ID card number on it. A key control to prevent fraud. Of course they say this is RACIST because they say black people are too stupid to get a driver’s license. Well, they don’t come out and just say that, but it’s exactly what they are saying. Ironically of course being a ridiculously racist way to think. Their biggest problem though – they are alone in their thinking.

A recent poll found overwhelming support for voter ID and overwhelming disapproval for Democrat’s efforts to ban it. Eighty two percent of Texas voters support voter ID, including 75% of Black voters, 81% of Hispanic voters, and 72% of Democrats. Good working tanking your party morons.

The last thing I want to talk about is tough. The dawn of social media has opened Pandora’s box on a lot of things, and there’s probably no better example than our young athletes.

There of course has been a ton of talk this week about Simone Biles making it to the Olympics and suddenly suffering a mental breakdown that is preventing her from competing.

On one hand, I hear the people out there yelling “buck up!” and get out there and compete. It’s the tough, frankly American mentality that a lot of us grew up with. Rub some dirt on it, let’s go.

On the other hand, I can only imagine what the girl has had to go through. The number of people who are in her ear. A quick search told me she has 1.5 million twitter fans. Jump over to Instagram and she’s got a ridiculous audience of 5.8 million followers. Her talent, popularity and personality have put her in a situation where there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars swirling around her. She’s 24.

Honestly, I’m not surprised she broke down, it’s probably a miracle she didn’t do it sooner. The timing clearly sucks, but it is what it is. Much like Barry Sanders who walked away with plenty of football left in him but also plenty of cash in the bank, I hope she looks in the bank, hires a good financial guy, and tells everyone around her to back the fuck off. A nice job commenting or coaching or hell, whatever SHE WANTS TO DO is in her future.

And if you don’t think that this is problematic, the recent court rulings that are allowing NCAA athletes to profit off of their “NIL” (Name, Image and Likeness) has already started to become an issue.

Quinn Ewers, a star quarterback out of Southlake Carroll High School in Texas and the No. 1 recruit in his draft class, said that he is “leaning” toward foregoing his senior year so he can enroll at Ohio State a year earlier. Ewers has over 80,000 followers on Instagram, and since he is already popular in his home state, he has the chance to profit off his name, image and likeness and make seven figures. SEVEN figures. He’s 18.

I wish all these kids good luck. Oh, and if your kid isn’t an athlete, I’d highly recommend you steer them in the direction of becoming psychotherapists as I feel the need for those professionals will do nothing but grow for the next 20 years.

1 thought on “Random Thoughts Thursday”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Great take on the Simone Biles situation.

    The Democrats in Texas deserve EVERYTHING headed their way.

    Lastly, the “Parents Bill of Rights” is a no brainer. We need to encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education. This is far too important to leave to Washington, the Teachers Union or any other knucklehead who thinks their way is the ONLY way to educate children.

    My wife is an educator. We’ve had some lively discussion over the years regarding education. However, I can state unequivocally, her ONLY concern is the students. I’ve also witnessed her change, over the years, her views with regard to the curriculum being mandated from Washington. The students are tested 3 x’s per school year. This is insane. Every test is geared towards the students seeking a higher education. Not a single one tests for life. No, we need to change the educational process.

    On a side note, Home Schooled students have dramatically increased. 🤔

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