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Random Thoughts Thursday

Rambling through my skull on a daily basis, here’s what’s been getting mulled over in the brain of Chance the last few days.

I guess I’m really not surprised any more about how stupid people are. Or just how far their head is in the sand so that it will never come out, or they just don’t care.

A Trafalgar poll (and yes, we hate polls, but this one at least is interesting) recently asked Americans if they thought Joe Biden was actually running the country or if a team of Democratic party members were really executing most of the actual work duties of the office.

As you might suspect, there is a split along ideological lines. 84% of Republicans believe that Joe Biden is “not fully executing the duties of President of the United States.”

And while Democrats are far fewer in that belief, there are still 32% of Democrats who ALSO don’t believe he is the guy running the country. Frankly I thought that was a staggering amount of Democrats actually admitting the truth.


If there has ever been more evidence that the main stream media is an arm of the Democratic party it’s never been more clear than on the issue of ensuring confidence and integrity in our election process. Doesn’t that sound like something we could all agree on? Do we not ALL WANT a process that everyone believes is on the level?

A program like that deserves many things: Confidence. Fraud Controls. Accuracy. But does the media call any efforts to bring any of those things to our process by those strong and agreeable terms? Hell No. All the headlines say the same shit:

See a pattern? They want to use one word over and over again: RESTRICT.

I seriously hope you aren’t stupid enough to believe that. Democrats want you to believe that Republicans want to keep people from voting. Nothing could be further from the truth. A system where votes are easily and accurately tabulated? Yes. A system that we can agree produces results we have confidence in? Yes. A system that with proper and easily constructed controls that allows EVERY single person who should legally be able to cast a vote?

The Supreme court did NOT “uphold voter restrictions.” They agreed (even one of the liberal members) that Arizona’s voting law did NOT violate the constitution and strengthens the integrity of the process in that state. Our resident expert on the Constitution, Professor John Hill, is working up an article which explains exactly what the court did in that decision. And we all know he’s got far more credibility than the media so stay tuned for that next week.

I just also saw that Democrats who brought a suit against Georgia’s voting integrity law as unconstitutional had their case thrown at the district court level. Glad there are judges out there with brains in their heads.


Lastly it saddens me what the “leaders” of this country say about it. Typing the word leader there made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The country that has literally made them rich and powerful is still just a giant piece of shit to them. And they get on their tech platforms and they spew their bullshit:

Freedom is for white people? I’m sure as hell glad that I’m not as stupid as she is, her life must be particularly difficult. Speaking of stupid, then we have our friend Alexandria-Cortez:

So…. you want to trade in the legislative model that has made us the dominant superpower and wealthiest country (by a mile) on the planet for …. something inferior. Refer back to my “Afraid of Success” article on Wednesday.

Everybody take care – we’re cruising into what we hope will be a great weekend. I’m off to mull over the week’s nominees for top Biscuit – tune in tomorrow for that!

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