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Random Thoughts Thursday

Ever since I went on hiatus from any actual “real job” I’ve had time on my hands. Probably too much time on my hands but who’s to judge that – surely not the same people who think they know how much a CEO should be paid.

Speaking of getting paid, I saw yesterday where Rapper Kodak Black (yeah I’ve never heard of him either) threw one hundred thousand dollars off the side of his boat during a temper tantrum. I suppose I’m racist for even pointing it out. But …

In one of their more interesting ploys on just how much their voters are paying attention Democrats this week finally placed full blame for the Defund The Police Movement – on Republicans.

Yes, Press Secretary Jen Psaki told gathered reporters that by voting against parts of Biden’s Cares Act legislation that included money for “state and local authorities” that Republicans had denied funding to police departments. Uh yah Jen that may be true, but pretty sure that’s not the reason New York City yanked $1,000,000,000 out of its police department budget. Or any of these other knucklehead cities that are in the shitter like Minneapolis, Portland and Shit-Cago. Hope they are enjoying their autonomous zones.

Speaking of Chicago, I saw the Mayor was once again embracing a similar style of Democratic playbook maneuver – just lie (or not quite tell the truth) when necessary. Of course with a mug like this, she really doesn’t exactly have charm to fall back on.

Confronted by a reporter yesterday about rising crime rates in Chicago she was quick to shut him down. “You need to get your facts straight sir, crime is actually going down in this city.”

Now think about the vague-ass nature of that statement for a moment. I would be willing to bet that since renters can’t be evicted over the last year and the government has been giving everyone money that maybe something like robbery has gone down. Know need to hold up the local bank branch or liquor store when you’re flush with a stimmy check. But you know damn good and well violence is through the roof in Chicago.

It doesn’t take a genius to use Google. But seriously, they just think if they say it, their voters will buy it. And they do.

So $3+ gasoline has finally made it to my neighbhorhood where prices crept up to $3.02 today. Sounds like many of you loyal readers have already been dealing with this. Thanks Biden.

At least I don’t live in California. That’s got to be a miserable existence to know that the government only wants to raise your wages so you’ll be in their higher tax brackets. Thank God for Ron DeSantis.

Yesterday at an auction at Christie’s in New York someone bought a non-fungible token (or an “NFT”) of the original source code written for the internet. Mind you it’s not the actual code, it’s a “block-chain verified digital asset.” So basically it does not exist. It only exists in the “meta-verse.” It’s like a baseball card, but it’s not even got cardboard or a stick of gum that comes with it. The price? $5.4 million dollars. Now maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking if I bought something for $5.4 million I’d kind of like to be able to see it, feel it and touch it. Again, that’s just me. A pretty sweet beach house could be had for that me thinks.

Lastly I have to point out to the blind just how stupid Democrats think you are. In the last three months the US has apprehended new record numbers of illegal immigrants each month trying to sneak into the country. The ninety day total is over half a million people.

Under pressure to “visit the border” VP Kamala Harris, the “border czar” appointed by President Dementia, stopped off in El Paso TX on her way to Los Angeles. The problem of course is that El Paso is not where the problem is. What Biden finds more important is to go visit the building that collapsed in Miami this past week.

Make no mistake – a tragedy of huge proportions. But why would the President of the United States decide that checking out a collapsed building be more important than an invasion (and make no mistake, it’s an invasion) on our Southern border? Because it allows him to deflect from our real problems and continue to beat the drum on “infrastructure” (which this building has nothing to do with) and “climate change” which some Democrats have blamed for the collapse.

I’ll tell you why the building collapsed – complete and total incompetence of those in charge – kind of like what we have in DC now.

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  1. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    I’m so glad you just shoot straight. I’m so tired of political correctness and unwarranted politeness. Being courteous to others isn’t something I need to be told to do.

    However, the snotty brats working Customer Service who condescend to me because I have the audacity to call and complain about the poor level of service I’m receiving; they ALL just need to be smacked, REPEATEDLY!!!

    I have officially become my father. May God have mercy on those around me.

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