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Random Thoughts Thursday

So maybe you lost two hours of your life yesterday and watched President Dementia’s press conference, only the second one he’s done since taking office one year ago. I can’t imagine the PTSD suffered by anyone who was subjected to it from start to finish.

It was nothing less than what you might think – a complete and total affirmation that the current administration is led by a man who has no idea what planet he’s on.

One cannot help but focus specifically on this statement: “I’ve achieved so much in on year, so much more than many other Presidents in their first year.” I’m glad they are piping this positivity through his earphones while he sleeps at night, because he’s clearly the only person (who is not a die hard simply won’t open their eyes liberal) who thinks that.

That’s right, the worst one year performance ever. I hate polls and even though this one “backs up” what I’m saying I still hate polls – but that one is tough to ignore.

Maybe he thinks putting up bills that have no shot at passing is a great accomplishment. It’s almost as ridiculous as a three stooges film to listen to Democrats talk about getting rid of the filibuster and then watch tape of them several years ago talking about what a disaster it would be to get rid of it. They don’t even give a shit about the hypocrisy (or their poll numbers) apparently.

I’m sure they are working on a plan. Probably one that cuts oil supply even more than they already have.


There are those who are silly enough to still have hope. How much more do they need to see? Seriously?

Again, it is actually 51 people’s votes, but remember Democrats don’t think Republicans should be counted, just like they didn’t think black people’s votes shouldn’t be counted back in the 1800’s. Maybe they can change things so that Republicans can only vote 3:2.

We talked about this back then – those bills did not bring children out of poverty, it put them further into it. You cannot legislate people out of poverty by giving them money. It can’t last and it’s inflationary as hell. Pull up to the gas pump if you don’t think it is.

You know, I always have to have at least one headline where I say “I got nothin'”

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The headlines continue to highlight just how pathetically out of touch Congress, as a whole, is with We The People. On both sides of the aisle, Senator or Representative continue to cram garbage down our throats, while telling us we need to accept it as the gracious & benevolent gift it is.

    Nope, under the present Congressional leadership, either side, our nation will continue to fail. We must have better servants. Not self-deified narcissists, we’re presently saddled with at this time.

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