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Random Thoughts Thursday

I do enjoy every now and then checking out the Communist News Network’s website and once in a blue moon looking at the More Stuff Not Being Correct page as well.

Yesterday with a ton of news out there – the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, a red hot inflation number that Biden would like no one to read about, and more chaos from China, CNN’s first six stories were about the same thing – Trump. Give it fucking up!

Roll the headlines!

Heh heh heh …

You know, because MSNBC and CNN don’t help Democrats at all. What a stupid bitch. She’s definitely on my list of people I’d like to punch in the face.

How many times can the media breathe life into their own creation of the boogeyman? What the fuck is “Trumpism?” Putting America first? Having energy independence? Having unemployment down because people are actually working, not just dropping out of the workforce? Enforcing our laws, you know, like LEGALLY immigrating to this country? If that’s “Trumpism” – then thank God it’s back.

LOL … I LOVE that he drives the liberals (fortunately a dying breed in Florida) completely nuts. Calling him a dumb troll is the best you got? You are just tired of being called out for your bullshit. Which leads us to the truth:

Gee I wonder why. I thought he was a dumb troll?

I believe one thing – if her lips are moving she’s lying and or manipulating. Seriously, does ANYONE, Democrat, Republican or other believe that? If you do please don’t breed.

Let’s Go Brandon! I’m so amused that the lib news outlet call this a “coded Republican message.” It’s not a damn code – we all damn well know it means FUCK JOE BIDEN. It really should be the whole administration, which is pathetic. Enjoy filling your gas tank up today.

I know he sure as the hell don’t.

Yes, the PROSECUTION’s witnesses back this up. I read an article yesterday that basically said the prosecution is somewhat intentionally trying to “throw” the trial because they know it should have never been tried in the first place. But they had to do it, they were rightfully worried that their office building might get burned down if they didn’t. But they had to be able to say that they did, maybe they can save half the buildings in the city. I pray for you Kenosha.

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