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Random Thoughts Thursday

I laughed early this morning when a news agency said President Biden would be speaking around 9 AM about the bill Democrats have allegedly put together on “infrastructure.” I told Lorie “it will be at least 11:30 by the time they get him prepped and get a teleprompter loaded up to make sure he doesn’t fuck it up when he finally does talk. It’s now 11:33. He hasn’t appeared yet.

Headlines this week:

If you live in a liberal defund-the-police type city right now – I feel very sorry for you. At the same time I don’t. You have reaped what you have sown. I’ll be over here with my beer, my gun and my bible if you need me.

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY! Unsafe! How can we not be immediately addressing this? For gleeps I went ahead and clicked on this article. It’s as stupid as you’d think it is. The author makes the leap within the article that if a campus isn’t safe for an LGBTQ student then it isn’t safe for ANYONE. Better get your concealed carry now kids.

Yesterday this was all the rage. Now it’s gone. They are LITERALLY throwing spaghetti against the wall to try to pass ANYTHING so that they can run around telling everyone how great they are.

But it wasn’t a boy, the “assigned male at birth” did the assault, and was found guilty of it. This despite his defense that while trying to adjust his skirt he accidentally sodomized a female student. This is where we are kids, stock up on ammo.

I can’t believe it’s taken them this long.

That’s right, someone sings the national anthem and it’s so offensive that the two of the people subjected to it refuse to pay their bill. Well, if that offends them, how about this: Go fuck yourselves.

Yes! This must be the fault of the few police officers who have actually stuck around after most of the Minneapolis police department left in disgust over how they were being treated. If that chick could be any stupider her name would be Biden.

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