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Random Thoughts

It’s been a weird week. Lorie was gone for a few days attending her mother’s funeral and services and the poor dog was beyond confused. I continue to have too much time on my hands and I’m trying to be productive with it. Mostly.

If you missed this one on social media, it warmed my heart to know how much my great niece Rhyan loved her trip to Sangiovese Ristorante.

“More on her than in her!”

I’m really struggling with the complete idiocy that comes out of Joe Biden. For the past eighteen months we’ve pumped so much cash into the United States and the results have been obvious: Inflation everywhere and housing prices (both rents and values) are through the roof. Yet every day I see this headline:

No sir, it will lead to even more inflation. Congrats on getting blown out in 2022, you complete fucking idiot.

The other thing that bothers me is the complete bullshit they spew about things that are clearly happening and try to tell us that it’s not. The press secretary is so full of shit I can’t believe she stands up there with a straight face. They claim to not be behind anything related to CRT and other race based idiocy, and then “walk it back” the minute they get called out. It happens three times a week. It’s ridiculous.

I liked this headline this week as well – for all of you who think that putting ballots in mailboxes without the ability to trace or validate the vote is a good idea. Recipe for fraud, let’s get serious about this.

Still unable to get over their failures, this headline appeared this week:

If you actually go read this fake news clickbait, you’ll find that the FBI received over 4,000 tips to their “hotline” when they opened it up. Now, you and I both know that those were 4,000 liberal dumb-asses making shit up, there’s no god damn way 4,000 people had useful information about a man who sat on the bench for 20+ years before anybody ever bothered to say a damn thing about the guy.

The bottom line is the lady who they did give credence too was a woman in need of help – her story made no sense and her “witnesses” all said they don’t recall her version of events whatsoever. Just move on Democrats, you lost. Elections have consequences.

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