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Random Thought Thursday

At this point it’s truly a miracle that Anthony Fauci is still allowed to talk about Covid. “Masks don’t provide protection.” “Masks are your best bet.” “Masks should be used in some situations.” “Double masking is really preferable to increase protection.”

Dude – fuck off. His email release thanks to Buzzfeed’s FOIA request in the last few days shows that Fauci is not only an idiot but a liar. He contradicts himself, as usual, multiple times, and perhaps most damning, it appears he lies to congress regarding “up function” virus research. He was even told in JANUARY of 2020 by another virologist that the sequence of Covid-19 appeared to be “engineered” (created in a lab), something which he denied over and over again. He’s full of shit.

The good news is that some of his emails were redacted under a section of FOIA that allows for certain pieces of information that might be “reasonably used in an evidentiary manner” to be blocked out. That almost certainly points to SOMEONE actively investigating him for CRIMINAL activity. I wouldn’t be surprised. CNN and MSNBC by the way, praised Fauci after the email dump. What the fuck? Are their viewers really that stupid?

A woman in Virginia is under fire for having the audacity to ask her school system if they were teaching her children Critical Race Theory (CRT). The school system told her to make a request to the district to see the curriculum and denied teaching CRT. In an email the mother asked what the “boys and girls” in the elementary school were being taught. The principal replied that they don’t refer to the students as “boys and girls.” I’d have pulled my kids out of that school right then and there. Are you kidding me?

President Dementia as one of his many ridiculous executive orders demanded that a “commission” be formed to explore the current makeup of the supreme court. Clearly it’s a huge problem as none other than former bartender Alexandria Acosio-Cortez said “how can we only let nine people decide the law?” I’ll tell you AOC, because their combined IQ is greater than your IQ times 100. Shut up you stupid bitch.

So why do Democrats want to “pack” or add judges to the Supreme Court, besides they think that the court is somehow biased to the conservative side? Well, that’s just it, that’s exactly what they are scared of. If it was “perceived” to be 6-3 “liberal” the left would be saying “hey man, this is how it is, sorry about you so suck it.”

But is this court divided? Apparently – NOT! In the last two weeks this court has delivered, are you ready, FOUR UNANIMOUS DECISIONS. That’s right – Four cases where ALL NINE judges agreed. 9-0 decisions.

Does that sound like a court that is ideologically split? Sounds to me like it’s a court considering and applying the law and the constitution. Perish the thought, right?

That’s all I have for random Thursday – it’s going to be tough this week so I’ll need to retreat to my thinking bunker as I get ready to name a new biscuit of the week on Friday!

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