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Random Thought Thursday

The headlines have been rich lately, this may require two posts!

Of course they do. We’ve talked about it a hundred times on here. All form, no substance. All they do is play politics and try to stay in power by bribing voters with their own money.

Only an idiot liberal could come up with that thesis. Let’s see, how many times has that happened in history. Oh wait, never. If I don’t like the outcome you’re wrong and I need to say stupid shit to get people to believe the court is slanted. Evidence so far suggests it’s far from that.

Christ on a cracker he’s a fucking idiot. Let’s get on that right away. Russia, Iran, North Korea are literally laughing their ass that Trump (who they had no clue what he might do) got voted out and now they have this pussy who wouldn’t launch a nuke if Putin lobbed 200 at us.

Every week I find at least one where I have to say: “I got nothin'”

Each and every black person huh? I have my serious doubts, in fact I know it’s not true. Most people, black, white, yellow, or other with a brain in their head know that headline is total bullshit. E for effort though by invoking Fox News to try and get at least some credibility with the liberal nut bars that might actually click such an asinine headline.

Well, not sure what to say on that one either. But I guess pretty much being white makes you a racist, white supremacist Trump loving alcoholic.

It warms my heart to see the backlash against these idiot teachers who think indoctrination is more important than education. Fuck your opinion Mrs. influencer of our youth, keep that shit at your house and raise your (probably idiot) kids however you want.

Hot tip: Ever since Sean Connery died I’m 100% heterosexual and won’t ever apologize for being that, conservative, and an unabashed capitalist.

Most of you have seen this story. It’s amazing how many people bitched, moaned and whined that the Trump administration was “incompetent” but this administration can’t even figure out how not to kill innocent people. Maybe they should have tried diplomacy instead.

This guy can’t even spell Byzantine. Where the hell was it, anyway? Byzantia?

lol. “Maybe.” Let me translate: No, but we gonna spin some stats to kind of sort of make it look like it “may be” going down.

When you let this shit run like you do, the unintended consequences are unlimited. This is a prime example. Lower my sentence and put me in the women’s prison!

Only the most ardent liberal, the kind of person that runs the Communist News Network or More Stuff Not Being Correct all damn day think this guy has an ounce of credibility remaining.

3 thoughts on “Random Thought Thursday”

  1. These headlines hurt my brain they’re so stupid!!

    Will you being doing a special report on the Arizona Audit results that come out tomorrow?

    1. You know it’s my belief that the vote counts are right, but without question the validity of the votes is questionable. How anyone will ever be able to prove it I don’t know.

  2. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I’m not sure how you’re able to sift through this & not just want to beat people about the head for being stupid? Bravo.

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