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Random Thought Thursday

Scanning the headlines and shaking my head, it’s random thought Thursday!

Seriously. The 1850’s. I got on this guy’s twitter account and posted the following comment on his story: I don’t think you can be any more stupid, but I’m sure you will try.

I got nothing. No, I didn’t click on it.

What a joke. The liberal idiots gave him an emmy after he killed senior citizens, ignored help just because it was being given to him by Donald Trump, and in the meanwhile couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Instead of an award the jackass needs to be fitted with an orange jumpsuit. SMDH.

Just how much porn can one purchase with $1.3 million dollars? Asking for a friend.

Yes, let’s make the blanket statement that the ENTIRE state of Alabama is racist and doesn’t believe Covid-19 can kill. Let’s also demean Donald Trump for merely suggesting people get vaccinated, which is what liberals scream at Trump supporters every day is the only reason the pandemic is still around. Shut up.

We’ve talked about this but it’s worth repeating – Biden rolled into office in January, and signed a record number of executive orders, most of them either completely useless or worse, illegal. It’s taken some time but this is one of many that the courts have overturned. Nice try though Democrats, once again that pesky constitution stands in the way of your idiocy.

790 people killed in Chicago in the last twelve months. But pay no attention – white supremacist violence is the big threat! Just believe us because … reasons!

I got nothin’

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