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Random Thought Thursday

I actually started working on the nominations for Biscuit of the Week this morning and had so many random thoughts that I figured why not get some of those down while they’re still fresh in my mind.

My first chuckle this morning was this little headline:

Aside from the fact that I’m pretty sure Ron DeSantis could give a fuck what Samantha Bee thinks, she’s clearly in the minority. Florida Democrats are in a panic as some polls show him with an approval rating as high as 60%. If the election were today he’d trounce anyone the Democrats put up there. I think the guy is pretty damn solid, and the fact that Samantha Bee thinks differently only strengthens that belief.

I see the knucklehead that brought tortillas to throw on the floor at a basketball game in California has spoken out and as it turns out all the usual chorus of folks screaming “RACIST!” may indeed have been wrong. After the losing school, which had a number of Hispanic players, lost the championship game they actually asked that the result be overturned as the players were “deeply affected” by the other team throwing tortillas in celebration. As it turns out, this is apparently a long time “thing” that is part of celebrating goals at the University of California San Diego. Much like the hockey team that throws octopi on the floor after a goal, it’s just a thing. Freud would say sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Turns out Texas Tech does the same:

I see that the Reverend Jesse Jackson and a bunch of other people were arrested protesting outside the Senate yesterday. They are of course angry at Senator Joe Manchin for using common sense and wisdom in his decision making processes. Twenty people were arrested in total. Hell sounds like an insurrection to me – maybe the Democrats will impeach Joe Manchin since they want to get rid of anyone who disagrees with them.

Trump probably handed out all the guns people in New York, Chicago and D.C. are using to kill each other too.

Speaking of that and knuckleheads in general, Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts of “The View,” had a laughable take this week. (Yah, I didn’t know who she was either). Anyway, she noted that her friends and family were “buying up guns to combat white supremacy.”

That’s right. This rash of killings in cities lately is clearly the work of white supremacy run amok in this country. Thank God people like Sunny Hostin, who I’m sure lives in a dangerous neighborhood full of white people with AR-15’s, now feels she’s equal n the fight.

Speaking of murders, I see an updated list of cities for most murders in 2021 has been published. Of the 20 cities making the dubious list 19 of them are run by Democrats. Only poor Tulsa OK, coming in at #13, has a Republican mayor.

Watching CNBC this morning I saw Fox running an ad for the major league baseball All-Star game. Of course this is the game that baseball moved out of Atlanta in protest of the Georgia voting laws, which it turned out, are really no different than Colorado’s voting laws where the game was moved to. What a bunch of meatballs. I hope the ratings crash, and I’m thinking they likely will.

In a similar vein, I saw an article yesterday where a gentleman was arguing that Donald Trump’s telling people not to watch NBA games had not hurt ratings (which is demonstrably false). All I can say is this – I stopped watching any NBA games because I don’t need or want politics with my sports. Same goes with baseball, I haven’t watched a game in five plus years. That’s just me. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, and I didn’t do it because Trump told me to – I did it because they turned me off.

Hang in there kids – the weekend is almost here!

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  1. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    I too am VERY tired of politics in sports. Sports is about the best team or individual winning. It isn’t about race. It’s about ability. I can’t stand listening to a bunch whiney, pampered millionaires complain about how oppressed they are by the whiney, pampered billionaires. Seriously, at what point is enough, enough? I don’t begrudge someone making money. What I think is absurd is them complaining about the lack of respect they’re given when they didn’t get the $300 MILLION they wanted and were offered $275 MILLION instead. So, you didn’t get the 425 million. Hmm, there are 50 people in America who won’t make this in their lifetimes, COMBINED and you’re disrespected. It’s time for you to have some perspective.

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