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Random Stuff

Frank Gallagher and I were munching down some chips and queso at the Frog yesterday and listening to the knuckleheads. One overheard thought brought back memories of my famous Facebook #iWeep series of posts:

Why do meteors always land in craters?

Congratulations to my buddy Tyler and his fiancee Emily, who recently purchased a new home. He sent me this picture which I give bonus points for already having an American flag out front:

He was also amused to get his pup, the vicious guard dog Ollie, to pose in front of the house as well:

Sensing opportunity I asked my all everything IT guy Matt if he could photo-shop the dog into the first picture thinking it would be nice. What I forgot is that Matt, like me, is a member of the 5th level of master smart-asses, basically Jedi Knights of sarcasm and wit, and this is what I got in return:

And then this gem:

He did finally quit screwing around, but not before I had a damn good laugh out of that.

A couple of headlines worth nothing, kudos for the fake news for actually covering this one:

A Wharton School of Business analysis of the plan notes that it would actually costs billions more than Democrats are saying it would, and, shocking, it would actually depress the economy. Color me surprised.

An African-American family in California moved into a nice suburban area with picturesque homes and generous lawns. After a few months the father of the group began to wonder if it had been a mistake, as there were only a handful of other “households of color” in the neighborhood, before offering up this eye roller of a line in an interview with Yahoo News: “I told my wife we should have never moved into a development with ‘Plantation’ in the name.”

You know, because I’m sure the residents there named the subdivision specifically to signal that people of color aren’t welcome.

I’ve got more but isn’t that enough? Me thinks so. Tune in tomorrow as we reveal yet another deserving winner of biscuit of the week!

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    You can find fault with anything or anyone, if you CHOISE TO DO SO!!!

    Loved the pics. Thank you for sharing.

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