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Random Ramblings

Holiday edition, of course. First and foremost, no matter where you are or what you are up to I hope you are able to enjoy family and friends this Christmas time of year.

Since moving to Florida many years ago Christmas is far different than the old days of wondering just how cold it might be in Indiana for the season and whether or not snow would be a variable in the equation. I’ve definitely decided that you can keep the snow.

The best present this country has received did happen this week when President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan was essentially cancelled for lack of interest. Amusing of course were the headlines:

You see the problem here of course is that the idiotic lame stream media has been for months wanting to put this all at the feet of Joe Manchin. It’s ALL HIS FAULT. And of course we know what that is.

Forgotten in this whirling dervish is the fact that that are actually FIFTY-ONE “no” votes on the bill. Think about it. If this bill is so great, if it will lower inflation, if it will fix the supply chain, if it will solve our climate woes, and best of all Uncle Joe says it will cost us ZERO dollars – then someone, hell anyone, on the Republican side of the aisle should be able to be convinced of that. I mean seriously, if you could prove that all to me, I’d think about voting for it. We all know it’s all bullshit of course, this just underscores the ridiculousness of the size, scope and the useless promises in the legislation.

And speaking of CNN … wow did those fuckers have a bad year. Trump was so right when he said that they better pray he got reelected or their ratings would tank. And that was only the beginning of the problems for those idiots.

Their star legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin kicked things off for them by getting caught masturbating on a zoom call. It’s kind of hard to imagine being that stupid, but at the same time I can’t really say I’m shocked the dude is a creepy bloke. As per the Democratic playbook they stopped talking about it, let it die out in the news, and then brought him back like nothing happened.

Then the FBI announced that they had arrested a CNN producer in the northeast for recruiting teenage girls for a sex ring. Can you make this stuff up? I can only imagine the amount of Pepto Bismol the executives at that company have to keep on hand at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

And then of course the body blow – it came out that, of course, Chris Cuomo was in cahoots with his brother in trying to get Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment accusers discredited. No one should really be shocked that those two knuckleheads would be anything less than dirty as fuck. You know Chris was a total fuckup when CNN basically had no choice but to fire him. The Cuomo family Christmas this year must be quite an affair I imagine.

So no matter what you probably are having a better year than CNN – so enjoy it! Merry Christmas all!

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