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Pushing Child Abuse

Sorry, not sorry, but anyone pushing books or any kind of media at kindergarten and first graders to openly question that penis hanging down between their legs is committing child abuse. Let’s cover this ONE MORE TIME.

I am CERTAIN that there are legitimate cases of gender dysphoria out there and those children should be counseled, cared for and given appropriate healthcare treatment as is necessary. However, the crazy number of kids who suddenly don’t understand their own genitalia indicates that this is what is – the cool thing to do right now.

I remember when guys first started getting earrings. Fine, whatever, it was a fad. Then guys started curling their hair. Or just the back of their hair – not even Wayne Hicks, the coolest kid in our school, could pull that look off. Then the early 90’s came, and it was cool to be gay. Especially to be a lesbian. You don’t think teen girls dying for attention (remember, no social media back then, not even a phone, how did we live?) would jump on the in thing, right?

And that, amongst other things, have led us here. I still like my friend Tyler’s comment to me one day: “Pretty soon you’re going to have to be normal to be different.” Scary.

Check this article out, and try not to cry for the kids who are literally being abused:

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I don’t believe disgusting is a strong enough word. They want to legitimize every possible behavior as normal, so no one feels shame. How is this working with criminals? The justice system is so concerned about the feelings of those caught, they fail, horribly I might add, to consider how; their inability to hold the perpetrators responsible, harms society as a whole.

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