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Well once again we’ve called it spot on here at the Biscuit Blog. I told you last week that although I was mostly pissed off that President Dementia interrupted The Price is Right to spew bullshit into a microphone that the real problem was that he was taking yet another undeserved victory lap.

Turns out he was. To recap, he was excited to announce to the world before he left for the G20 summit (where China and Russia aren’t even bothering to show up since they don’t give a damn) that he had reached an “agreed upon framework” for infrastructure. You know the one that started at 3.5 trillion and had already been cut by 50% to 1.75 trillion.

Tonight Biden is somewhere over there and probably choked on his Swiss Mocha when he got this news, which shouldn’t have been a surprise really:

Yet again one of the few remaining Washington politicians who seems to have a brain in their head has stepped up and said “what the fuck is this?”

It’s crap. Just like every other lame idea these idiots have thrown against the wall for the last six months – and nothing has stuck. Poor Manchin has to be looking at this stuff and wondering just where in the hell the Clinton democrats have disappeared to.

The libs were cheering sleepy Joe and the team who, while at the G20, announced that they believe they have come to an agreement with other countries on a “global minimum 15% tax.” Do they even know what that means? One of the “spends” in this idiotic infrastructure bill is funding the IRS with a ton more money to try and collect taxes from people cheating at home. Can you imagine how difficult it is going to be to monitor and enforce a “global tax?” Try impossible. You figure corporations are going to find a way fair or foul to avoid that?

Again, you really only have to give all of this the sniff test to know something doesn’t smell right. It doesn’t take a genius. It makes no sense – if you just think about it for longer than a second anyway.

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