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News of the Week

As usual there is no shortage of stupidity in the news this week. CNN and the mainstream media have finally at least started to cover New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home death and sexual harassment scandals.

There are now three named accusers and some “I’d rather remain anonymous” women who are now telling tales of how they experienced awkward moments with the governor. Once the left’s golden boy (CNN pimped him for President at one point) I think we can all agree that Andrew is going down. Sorry not sorry.

Notorious anti-semite Louis Farrakkhan, oh I’m sorry, the REVEREND Louis Farrakkhan, reminded his followers that the government has in the past experimented on the black community to their detriment and the Covid-19 vaccine was no different. He said that it was “death in a vial.” Never mind that we already hear screaming about how the virus affects the black community disproportionately to whites, but by all means, don’t take the vaccine if you don’t want to it’s a choice we all must make.

Farrakkhan also said that the vaccine was “rushed out” by the Trump administration and “bypassed normal steps” as would happen in the normal course of business. Of course that’s not true, but truth doesn’t mean much to these folks. Hey isn’t that disinformation? Let’s check and see if he’s been whacked on facebook, twitter or youtube for that. Nope, his shit is all still there. With no warning label. Hmm.

Vaccine side note: I received my 2nd Covid shot on Tuesday last week (I got the Moderna one). My first shot I experienced zero symptoms. The second one I had some minor arm soreness where they injected me, and for about 24 hours I felt a little tired and kind of “off.” Back to normal after that. Just my experience, take it for what it’s worth. If anybody needs me now I’ll be out licking doorknobs.

The latest cancel culture victim is none other than that clearly racist and bigoted cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez. Yes the good old New York Times, once a bastion of actual journalism and now a complete shit show, penned an article talking about how offensive the character was for stereotyping Mexican Americans. Anyone who actually knows a Mexican American, however, will tell you that Speedy is HUGELY popular character in Mexico. Everyone there loves him.

Many twitter users chimed in to let the Times know how ignorant they are, including Gabriel Iglesias, who is the voice of Speedy in the upcoming Space Jam movie, who said this: “You can’t catch me cancel culture, I’m the fastest mouse in all of Mexico!” Good for you Gabriel, let’s just hope Disney doesn’t leave you on the cutting room floor.

Finally, according to Fake News CNN and MSNBC (More Stuff Not Being Correct) March 4th was the day that Qanon (whatever the fuck that is) and a coordinated effort of militia were going to again storm the capitol, easily defeat the walls (that I thought they said don’t work) that the Democrats have built and reinstate Donald Trump as President.

Members of congress left and went out of town, the police were on high alert, and troops guarding the Capitol prepared for the attack.

Which of course never came because it was all bullshit anyway. Probably good for ratings though, particularly early in the week when things are down a bit. I’m sure they’re couple of million ardent viewers were happy to know that once they came out from under their bed.

Have a good week kids – and don’t forget to think for yourself!

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  1. I’m disappointed that you didn’t give two shits about the spoiled Harry & Meagain? They’re breaking a lot of bridges aren’t they?

    1. My wife mentioned them today and my exact response was “who cares.” Definitely a potential article on just how idiotic the media coverage of royal anything is a waste of energy!

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