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New New Mexico, Formerly Texas

It’s time we go ahead and rename Texas and since New Mexico is already taken perhaps New New Mexico would be the way to go. Maybe Northern Mexico. Maybe … Bidenland.

Thanks to the new administration’s reversing of Trump era border policies the predictable is happening: migrants are flooding over the border between the US and Mexico in record numbers.

Policy one that the administration has reversed is that they have put back in place what some refer to as “catch and release.” Because there are so many coming at the same time we cannot hold them to await their asylum hearing, so we process them, give them a court date and let them out the door. Of course they never show up for the hearing and have thus successfully invaded the country. And believe me Democrats, if the capital riot was an “insurrection” by definition than this sure is as shit is an invasion.

From our friends at Merriam: “Invasion (Noun) an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.”


To help keep that exact thing from happening the Trump administration made deals (read: forced) Mexico to allow the US to set up processing centers in Mexico so that when a migrant stepped outside with their hearing date in hand they stepped onto Mexican soil. That would be an unsuccessful invasion attempt.

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The Biden administration’s answer to this crisis that they’ve brought upon themselves is to open more detention centers. They are even considering using some military bases to house UAC’s (Unaccompanied Minor Children). I guess at least that’s an upgrade over the cages that Obama built for them.

Last week the head of Homeland Security told congress there was not a “crisis” at the border but instead it was a “challenge that we are managing.” Managing to just let them all in is what it sounds like to me. Yesterday he finally broke down and admitted they might need some more help, and asked DHS employees to “volunteer” to help with the crisis. By the way, that was a Trump idea that worked well during a 2019 migrant surge, I’m sure they’ll give him full credit for it.

What would these volunteers do? Well you know, preparing food, doing supply runs, getting medicine … if you are suddenly thinking about how social security is almost broke and realize those are all your tax dollars being spent on invaders … you should be.

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Needing more information to help me formulate this article I rushed to the CNN and MSNBC websites this morning to find out more. Through what I’m sure is pure oversight there were no articles about this on either front page. There were however lots of articles about Trump for some reason and royal family drama, if you’re interested.

I saw some fascinating data last evening on the two counties in southern Texas, err Southern New New Mexico, that border Mexico on how they voted in the last two elections. Both are, as you might suspect, mostly Hispanic in population. Hillary was victorious in one county by 60 points and by 32 in another. The same two counties in 2020 Trump only lost by 5 points in the first (a 55 point turnaround!) and he actually won the other. Sounds to me like even the locals have had enough. Or perhaps they just did not have mail in voting I suppose.

What’s the answer? Clearly we had the answer and we (that would be the USA) voted it out of office. Perhaps President Dementia could consult capital police on how to get a fence put up.

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2 thoughts on “New New Mexico, Formerly Texas”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Every time, EVERY TIME, I think of the travesty taking place on our southern boarder, & ports of entry, I am infuriated! Thank you for this.

    These are NOT law abiding people, these are criminals. They are stealing resources, jobs, tax money, & lives. Are there some legitimate asylum seekers, yes. However, by law, they are to seek asylum in the CLOSEST country to their own. NOT travel across hundreds of miles, passing through several countries, to ILLEGALLY enter one of their choosing.

    They bring no skills, capital or sense of loyalty to our nation (just look at those who speak their native tongue after years in our nation (Chinese, Latinos, Japanese, Koreans & all others who have a “Town” in their respective cities.)

    Our nation was built on immigration & those entering assimilating into our society as a whole. I’m not saying they have to forget their heritage. I am saying our nation must ALWAYS come first. If your loyalties lie elsewhere, you are not an American.

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