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More Random Thoughts

There’s just so much going on right now. This week warrants some additional thoughts. Probably more than I really have room for here but I’ll do my best to keep it somewhat sane. This is the one that really tickled me though.

The recent jobs report that he is referring to was the HUGE miss on jobs for August. Economists were expecting job creation of 750,000 jobs and got a measly 235,00 instead. Honestly it’s really even worse than that because the report should have been bolstered by teachers returning to the classroom in August. Biden of course had an excuse for this:

Funny, the Delta variant was around in July when we had a decent jobs report. I guess he just forgot about that. I also LOVE the last line of his speech: “The Biden plan is working.” What in the hell is he talking about? Besides the “American Rescue Plan” giving away more money and not hitting its vaccination goals what the hell has he done? There has been no meaningful legislation passed by the Democrat majority. He signed a bunch of executive orders that his handlers put in front of him on January 21st, most of those that had any significance have been overturned by the courts since they were illegal (or just stupid).

Then there’s this headline … are you SURE the Biden plan is working? Whatever the hell the Biden plan is?

Yes, they impeached Trump over a phone call. But ask this administration about their questionable phone calls and they don’t even answer. “No comment.” Telling really. Not surprising though.

Can you be any more stupid? I’m reading through my constitution and can’t find the word moral authority in it anywhere. Feel free to look, I did:

Ok, this is the last one I’m going to comment on. I’d go back and look at the blog but I’m pretty sure I remember the numbers. I’ve been talking about it for months, and at first called out what was clearly fake news. The initial numbers the liberal media tried to get you to believe was that 40,000,000 (forty million) people were going to get evicted if the moratorium ended. A month or two went by and they admitted okay, that might be a hair high, now we think it’s 25 million. And another month went by and it was 10 million. In August I reported to you that CBS was no saying 3 million. And now Goldman says 750,000. We’ve gone from 40 million to 750,000 (and you know that’s still too high, don’t you?). And the media wonders why they have zero credibility.

I’m done. Have a great weekend kids – I’ll have lots of fun stuff up for the weekend – I promise!

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