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More Pesky Math

Axios reported this weekend that the Biden Administration has secured an $86 million dollar contract with a hotel group to house the massive influx of migrants that Democrats invited across the border. They of course blamed the surge on Trump’s failed policies. You know the ones Democrats changed the minute they seized power which hasn’t caused this crisis at all.

Honestly I don’t understand why we don’t just put them in a parking garage, it was good enough for US national guard troops right?

Of course we already have facilities in place to process immigrants across our southern border, so clearly we have quite an issue here. And make no mistake, even the Trump administration in 2019 utilized hotels during a migrant surge. Of course shortly after using this housing option Trump packed them all up and sent them back to Mexico. We shall see what this administration does, I have my doubts.

But let’s figure out the math here – oh yes the pesky math. Because $86 million dollars is a helluva lot of continental breakfasts.

Since this is a “bulk” buy I’m assuming the White House negotiated a decent rate. Assuming, I know, but hey, benefit of the doubt even when it’s not deserved.

Let’s say it’s $80/night and a $30/day food allowance. That’s $110/day. Let’s say it takes two weeks to get these folks in front of someone who kicks their cans back across the river or let’s them stay if they have any kind of legitimate reason. Here’s the math:

$110/day * 14 days = $1,540 per case. $1,540 divided into $86,000,000 = 55,844 cases. It begs the question to wonder if we are using any of our existing facilities at all.

I went to the US Border and Customs website to see how many “encounters” the border patrol has had so far this year. Data through the end of February indicated 382,617. That’s damn near the entire total for 2018 and 2020, and well above the pace of 2019 which was a big year. If you did the quick math that’s a pace for 2,295,702 for the year. That would smash previous records.

But remember – this is a result of Trump’s policies and has NOTHING to do with Biden changing all the border policies they day after he took office and was handed a stack of executive orders to sign before his afternoon nap. NOTHING! If you think so you’re a racist. And a bigot. And probably a white supremacist.

But why go on and on about it. I’m sure all of these folks will be sent home with a sack lunch, a new pair of Nikes and probably a Covid vaccine. No way they’d be let go and handed a mail-in ballot as they exit the lobby, right?

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Once again, you’ve put me in a deep funk. I must now curl up in the fetal position & suck my thumb as I try to sooth my nerves.

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