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More Disturbing Things

I have always understood and appreciated the need for a teacher’s union after growing up in a household where my dad was a teacher and eventually an assistant principal before retiring.

And it wasn’t so much that teachers could get better wages (I doubt you’ll find many teachers who think the unions have done them many pay scale favors), but for a more simple reason – parents are crazy.

Ok, Ok, not all parents. And sometimes the ones that sound crazy – maybe they really aren’t.

While the media would like you to believe that Fox News and “the right” are all crazy that schools are teaching things like Critical Race Theory and Anti-White curricula a case in Rhode Island has suddenly received national attention.

A mother of a kindergarten student, Nicole Solas, was concerned that her young student might be exposed to these things. She wanted to know what her school was going to be teaching her kid.

She started with the school principal and filed FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests asking to see the curricula. She was denied.

So she went a little Karen on them, and started asking for more documents. Lots more documents. All in all she has filed over 200 requests. Is she nuts? Maybe. At the same time – why is she not getting anywhere?

Enter the lawyers from the conservative Goldwater Institute, representing Ms. Solas in attempting to get records related to the school system’s curricula and the teachers who teach it. That really riled the school system up.

Apparently not getting the information she was looking for, the teacher’s union finally decided they were going to shut this mom down. They may have made a mistake.

That’s right – the NEA of Rhode Island sued her to try and shut her up. Oh you silly swamp creatures, in the day of social media you cannot shut up even the craziest among us – try as you might. Have you not learned?

The NEA also filed a restraining order against her. I guess they don’t like people asking questions. Which is a huge red flag in this auditor’s book.

Copies of Solas’s requests, directed to Wakefield Elementary School Principal Coleen Smith, are included in the complaint the NEA has filed. The requests ask for the curriculum of all grades at the school, as well as information about materials discussing race relations, Black Lives Matter, and transgenderism.

Among the records the union seeks to keep private are “digital copies of emails of [teacher] Amber Lambert for the month of March,” along with emails of other teachers that Solas also requested. The disclosure of those materials “would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” the complaint said.

Funny how the liberal left doesn’t give a damn about Facebook reading your text messages but they don’t want you to know what their teachers are emailing about you the parent and their curricula. What are they trying to hide? Because clearly they are trying to hide something.

Nicole Solas may be a little crazy, but something a crazy person and I have in common is we both know something stinks to high hell here, and it’s coming from inside the walls of her local school.

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  1. I dont understand why a parent would be denied seeing the curriculum that is being taught. As far as I’m concerned it should be our right and really it should be open to the public. Am I wrong? Thinking I should make that request and see what happens…

    1. But Democrats in Indiana say Todd Rokita is being a jerk for issuing the “parents bill of rights.” What are they wanting to hide?

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