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More Bullshit

Today we’ll examine the sweeping changes that have been enacted in the state of Georgia to instill confidence in the their election process. You know, actual accountability.

The left has, of course, decried these changes as a blatant attempt to stop people from voting, particularly people of color. You know, because everything must be racist.

And the media of course has done nothing but lie through their teeth about it.

The first lie they went on about was a crackdown on voting on Sundays. The Democrats noted that this was a direct shot at a long standing tradition of black churchgoers heading to the polls after church on Sundays, often referred to as a “souls to the polls.”

Actual reality: The bill EXPANDS weekend voting. Prior rules required at least one Saturday where polls are open, the new bill requires TWO Saturdays be open for polling. There is nothing in the bill that eliminates Sunday voting.

The second lie the media has thrown out there is that the new law makes it difficult to manage run-off elections. They reason that the current nine week period is necessary for absentee voting. What the hell are you talking about? I think most of America was asking why the hell we had to wait nine weeks after early November for them to figure that out in the Senate runoffs.

Actual reality: The bill cuts the nine week period down to four weeks – a full month essentially still remains to figure it out. Do we really think that they can’t get people to get their absentee ballots taken care of in a freaking month? If you can’t get it done in a month you don’t deserve to vote. This also helps cut down on, I dunno, the amount of time for tom-foolery to happen. Not surprising Democrats don’t like actual controls.

My favorite talking point they’ve been running with is that heavily Democrat counties like Fulton, which, not surprisingly have poorly run polling sites with long lines, are being targeted by a rule that doesn’t allow people to give gifts to people standing in line. Those gifts include “money, food and water.”

They ran with this one as loud as they could. Democratic state Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler slammed the proposal Thursday before the bill was signed into law, saying: “They want to make it a crime to bring Grandma some water while she’s waiting in line.”

Actual reality: Gloria is full of shit. Poll workers and volunteers can provide water to people in line, but people campaigning cannot – totally makes sense. Can you imagine if Ivanka Trump was walking down the line handing out bottles of water with her Dad’s face on the label? They’d lose their fucking minds.

Oh also, under the law you can bring your own water. And the polling places are fine to allow food trucks and the like to do business within a reasonable distance of the polling location. Not a single Democrat bothers to tell you that part.

So basically the morons, or in this case the Democrats, running the polling locations in Atlanta just need to actually do their jobs and plan ahead. Perish the thought.

So as it is with most everything these days you should skip the media and just read these things for yourself because the shit is deep! Good news is, you can by clicking here:

2 thoughts on “More Bullshit”

  1. GREAT JOB!!! The lap dog media will NEVER tell you the truth.

    The most insulting fact is the liberals in politics and the media believe, unless the minorities are treated like inept children, they’re incapable of voting. I know for a fact there are several very capable minority voters. Make no mistake, they have some who couldn’t find a WalMart from the parking lot. Being totally honest, EVERY race has its fair share of morons. We must quit catering to those who won’t and help those who can and will.

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