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We’ve talked on the blog about the meatballs, I mean Democrats, in the Texas legislature who ran off to Washington DC to avoid doing their job in Texas.

We talked about how this was the strategy of losers and how it’s never really done anything backfire, sometimes horribly, on parties who have tried similar stunts in the past. See Mitch Daniels and Indiana destroying the Democratic party in that state.

So the idea of these knuckleheads was to get the Democrats in congress to pass the “For the People Act” which is the Democrat’s attempt to Federalize the election process. Never mind that idea is so clearly unconstitutional that the fifth grader who mows my lawn knows it, clearly they don’t give a damn about the document which created this Republic.

So what did they manage to accomplish on their vacation to Washington D.C.? Well, turns out some of them had Covid, and they managed to spread that around to several staff members of the Democratic party.

They tried several times to meet with President Dementia, but he couldn’t fit them in between afternoon nap time and cocoa at night.

They didn’t convince anyone to pass any legislation helping their cause at the Federal level.

They cost a bunch of people a bunch of money while the people actually doing the jobs they were elected to do waited in Texas for them to come back.

I read an article today where some liberal moron tried to say they actually accomplished something. They met with Kamala Harris! Is that the same Kamala Harris that is supposed to be keeping the Texas border secure?

But they did manage to get some good news last week when a Texas judge granted them an injunction versus Governor Abbot. The governor continues to call special sessions of the legislature to try and get the state’s business done, and threatened to arrest the Democrats upon their return and drag them kicking and screaming back to the statehouse so they could have a quorum. The Texas judge granted the injunction saying that the governor couldn’t arrest them if they returned. Finally a win for thee losers!

A few of them began coming back. Others apparently still have money left on their subway cards they want to use up. But, as it is with most Democratic wins, it was short lived.

The Texas Supreme Court overruled the lower court and pointed out that the governor very clearly has the ability to arrest rogue legislators who hide like bugs under rocks.

And this morning the Texas speaker of the house issued 52 arrest warrants for the missing Democrats. Enjoy your taxpayer funded police car ride back to the statehouse! Ya knuckleheads.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    “You just can’t fix stupid.” Ron White
    To the Texas Democrats, “Here’s your sign.” Bill Engvall

    What is truly amazing is this, no one has said what they’re doing is wrong. Yet, the GOP decries out of control spending &, you think someone lit their hair on fire. 🙄🤔

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