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Media Narratives Crash and Burn

There has been a troubling amount of news lately that really bothers me. Make no mistake, I don’t fully trust Republicans or Democrats on just about damn near anything. But the media narratives and lies are piling up at a rapid rate.

And we all know that I don’t trust Democrats whatsoever, although I recently changed my motto of “I’ll never vote for a Democrat ever again” to “I’ll never vote for a Democrat ever again unless his name is Joe Manchin and then I’ll THINK about it.” Christ on Sunday I wish that guy was President right now – both sides would be crying the blues but things would actually be getting done.

But what has been troubling me lately is just how often a new media narrative gets exposed as complete bullshit – but it’s so long after the fact that it’s too late to do anything about it.

We all know the mother of all these things was the first 18 months of Trump’s presidency as Robert Mueller spent thirty million taxpayer dollars to let us know what we already knew: Donald Trump was not colluding with Russia. Even the fake news media had to admit it and did their best to cherry pick other things out of his report to try and smear Trump but their primary allegation was toast.

A little over a year ago, Trump told us that it was a real possibility that Covid-19 was created in a lab in Wuhan China. The mainstream media went ape shit ballistic.

CNN spent months calling him an idiot. More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) licked their chops as their panels of knuckleheads now had enough red meat to feed them all for months. NBC/ABC/CBS all accused him of being a conspiracy theorist. Lord Fauci said there was no way.

Except we now know that all of them were

In the past two weeks we learned from emails obtained from Lord Fauci that not only is it possible it came from a lab in Wuhan but he KNEW that was possible. One member of the mainstream media flat admitted: “well, i guess that shows you that just because Donald Trump said it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.” Quite the apology.

Last October the senate came together to discuss the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court. Liberals of course lost their mind as this would clearly shift the court to a ridiculously dangerous “super conservative majority.” Democrats brought in blown up posterboards of people who would lose their health insurance. Baby killers, err, I mean abortion rights activists spent days outside the hearings protesting the nomination of a clearly qualified person smarter than all of them put together. Despite what I’m sure was an all out effort, they weren’t able to find anyone deranged enough to accuse her of rape in high school so it didn’t quite turn into the spectacle they put on for Kavanaugh.

After her confirmation the media and the Democrats immediately began campaigning that they would “pack the court” since it was so clearly “out of touch with reality now.”

Those were the lies told then. Damage done, they undid their nemesis Trump in November. But as it turns out, just like the other lies… time has exposed them.

This court has proven not only to not bend one way or another, but has handed out a record number of UNANIMOUS decisions in the cases they’ve heard over the last six months. That’s right. Unanimous. As in all nine of these supposedly biased individuals agreed 100%. They’ve now decided several cases in the current docket with no dissent whatsoever.

This week the court was given a golden opportunity to strike down Obamacare. “This is it! The end is nigh!” The liberals screamed. Finally, Trump’s nominated cronies would erase this scourge from the books cried conservatives.

Except they didn’t. They didn’t exactly affirm Obamacare, but did rule against the states who had sued to end it. And yes, Amy Coney Barrett voted to maintain Obamacare in the opinion. More liberal lies, flushed down the toilet.

This pattern is disturbing. Democrats push a narrative, and the media drumbeats it into your head. Months, maybe even a year later … well, not true.

There are more examples, these are just the big ones. And it brings me to this. It’s only been seven months since we were told that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the election. The Democrats pushed it, and the media has given Trump’s claims otherwise its own moniker: The Big Lie.

Well, they’d know one they see one, that’s for sure. In a few months, or maybe a year, will we find out that maybe Biden didn’t win? I really don’t know. But given the examples above… would you be surprised? I’m not sure I would be.

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  1. Your an excellent writer…my friend Brad Barkley shares your blog on a text group I’m in. Thank you for putting your thoughts in written form.

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