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Maximum BS, Minimum Sense

The Democratic party in the United States are masters of selling you things that you do not need. In my travels yesterday I saw two different signs along the way.

The first was at a Burger King north of Columbia South Carolina. The sign there offered free meals, free uniforms, $11.75/hour starting wage and $12.50/hour after completing 45 days of training.

The second was at a KFC in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, maybe 35 miles North of Knoxville.

Not long after getting what was perhaps the worst chicken tender basket I’ve ever had and paying $10.40 for it I got a call from one of my business partners. “I don’t understand,” I lamented, “how in the world the Democrats think that there is ANYONE paying ‘minimum wage’ out there.”

His answer was swift, and spot on correct. “Because they have to make people believe that they need them.”

Ain’t that the damn truth? They could raise the minimum wage to $11/hour, which even that nobody is paying, and they’d blast you with the messaging that they are the party of the little guy, and how this raised millions “out of poverty.”

Seriously – I dare you to go find ANY employer offering a LEGITIMATE job to a US Citizen that isn’t paying at LEAST $11/hour. THEY DO NOT EXIST.

And these rising wages have of course lifted no one out of poverty, in fact they’ve done nothing but make the gap between rich and poor grow wider because of the stupidity of our leadership. In the last 18 months the ranks of the rich in this country have swollen while folks paying for gas, groceries and rent are being slaughtered.

Today I listened to a Democrat on CNBC talk about how this country “desperately needs” to pass the bi-partisan $579 billion dollar infrastructure bill. Mostly because once they do that he thinks they can do a second bill for 3.5 trillion without Republican votes.

These are your elected leaders, and they will break you until you give up. You will submit to them. You NEED them.

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