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Lies, Damn Lies, and Democrats

In a way I’m sorry to have to write about this, as we’ll all be pummeled with it for the next week or so in the media. But it has to be done.

Where to even begin with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

Let’s start at the beginning. Rioters and looters were burning down Kenosha in August of 2020. Fact. Kyle Rittenhouse, a part time member of the community as his father lived there, went to Kenosha to try and assist in any way that he could. He took a rifle with him to defend himself, if necessary. Fact. Turned out, he would need it. Fact.

Now let’s talk about the media from the beginning. They vilified Kyle Rittenhouse as a vigilante. The Democratic candidate for the Presidency said he was a white supremacist. Of course there was zero evidence that either of those things were true. Rittenhouse did not belong to any “alt right” groups. He didn’t follow the Aryan nation Facebook page (as if big tech would allow such a thing). He did not bring along a rope tied in a noose. Fact.

Members of the media bemoaned the fact that he “crossed state lines” with his gun so that he could hunt protesters. Crossing state lines – not illegal. In fact I’m guessing every single one of us has done it within the last 12 months. Fact.

And the gun? It was at his Dad’s house in Kenosha. He didn’t carry it “across state lines” – which by the way, is also not illegal. Fact.

The media said he could not possess such a weapon at age 17. The prosecution, a foolish set of knuckleheads if there ever was any, charged him with unlawful possession. Except, they sheepishly admitted to the judge last week, there was nothing unlawful about his possession of the gun under any Wisconsin statute. The judge dismissed the charge. Fact.

And then we had the actual trial. Oh dear heavens, perish the thought that the actual facts should be laid out. To call it a shit show would be too generous.

The prosecution called witnesses, including one of the “victims” who was shot, who again, under oath, had to admit that yah, Kyle Rittenhouse had not been the aggressor. One of the men he shot threatened to kill him. Fact.

Another of the men he killed attacked him and beat him with a skateboard. Fact.

The third person Rittenhouse shot who survived, admitted he pointed a gun in Rittenhouse’s face. Fact. Hot tip: You point a gun in my face, I guaran-god-damn-tee you I’ll pull my trigger first if I can. Fact.

Democrats continued to lie even after the verdict. Democrat Pat Maloney tweeted that it was not right that someone should be able to try to protect people and property after the killing of and unarmed black man named Jacob Blake. Except Jacob Blake wasn’t killed. Fact. And he had a knife, so he was armed. Fact. An investigation cleared the officer who shot him. Fact. Seriously, how can you lie like that? The tweet of course was “later deleted.”

It’s disheartening and sad to see the number of people who are “disappointed and angry” with the jury’s verdict. I’ve seen several say that this is “proof that our system is in need of reform.”

Actually, it’s proof that some things in America still work the way they are supposed to, at least some of the time. Facts are presented, and they are weighed by a jury of our peers. Judgment is then passed. Fact.

The constitution survives yet another assault from the lying left, thank God.

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