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This gal is really something. As I mused through this opinion piece riddled with fake stats and figures I couldn’t help but laugh. Again, taking down fake news spewed by an idiot democrat is too easy these days. The truly amusing part is her title and then explaining why it’s okay for her to be a liberal elite moron and not help others. The last line of the article tells us all how she really feels – her kid is better than yours and she shouldn’t have to pay for the fact that your kid can’t get the loving liberal indoctrination, err education, that hers can. But check it out first, and then let’s discuss it.

She begins with establishing her credentials. She worked for a bunch of Democrats. Yawn.

But then she gets right to the fake news in her topic paragraph: “average teacher pay has decreased 4.5% over the past ten years.” According to her this nugget of info was coming from the National Education Association.

Yah I wasn’t buying that one either. In fact I looked over at the dog and said “I bet they are skewing that statistic by saying it’s due to inflation or some other shit.” Fortunately our fake news author included a link to the source of her claim, probably thinking no one would actually click it. Guess she doesn’t realize just how much time I have on my hands. It took me to the NEA report where I found this sentence:

“The national average teacher salary, adjusted for inflation, has decreased 4.5 percent over the past decade.” There are the three words missing from her bullshit, err article. “Adjusted for inflation.”

She continues on and misleads us quite intentionally on her home state of Iowa (who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t claim her at this point).

She starts by using the vague factor: “funding has been fluctuating.” Then she notes that the governor in 2001 “decreased appropriations.” But she doesn’t say for what. You assume for schools, but she really doesn’t say. She then goes on to say that in 2009 the governor slashed “state spending” by 10%. She also says Republicans made school funding “less of a priority.” Again she provides a link, and yah, I followed that and read the report. She’s full of shit (we already know that but thought I’d mention it again).

Now my buddy Chad tells me I’m no good at math, but looks to me like over ten years the state cost per pupil in Iowa has grown by 23.6%. I have no idea if that’s good or bad or how it compares to other states, but it pretty clearly belies her ramblings.

She then goes on to spend two paragraphs making herself feel better about her own existence. She rants about how some private schools don’t extol the virtues she expects. She won’t be a part of these elitists. And then lays this paragraph of stupidity on us:

Our school teaches why kindness is important and how to cultivate relationships and empathy. This approach is a complementary process between schools and families: educating the heart, the mind, and the body.

Wow. Virtue signal much? I got an idea, I dunno, maybe YOU could teach your kid to be a DECENT HUMAN BEING and let the school teach them how to do math. How does one educate the body anyway? Ok heart, you be loving today damn you! Maybe they’ll teach the kids how to spot fake news.

I guess in the end she did get one thing right – she IS the worst kind of Democrat. She’s too stupid to understand she’s stupid.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty.

    Well done sensei. Your grasshopper is enlightened.

    Oh, & Chad “The music man” telling YOU the “Accountant” (just as cool as the character played by Ben Affleck) you “can’t do math” is a hoot.

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