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Liberal Logic

Not that you can really put both of those words in the same sentence and have it make any sense whatsoever.

I’m amazed at the number of things liberals jump on swords for and the lengths they’ll go to make sure that things happen for liberals but the exact same things can’t happen for conservatives.

Two examples cropped up recently, and it just makes me shake my head. First is a case that is about to head to the Indiana Supreme Court.

In late 2021 the group Black Lives Matter (BLM) approached the city of Bloomington and asked if they could be granted permission to shut down traffic and parking for a short period of time so that a BLM mural could be painted on the street. This would be the third BLM mural in Bloomington, one on North Elm Street next to the Banneker Community Center, another on Sixth Street immediately north of the courthouse and third on North Eagleson (previously known as Jordan) Avenue near IU’s Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center. I say more power to them, paint away as long as it is approved and looks good.

But, as it goes, if someone else wants to do this, particular a CONSERVATIVE group, then oh hell no.

Turning Point USA’s Bloomington/IU chapter said that they also would like to do a mural. The 15-by-145-foot mural was proposed for East Kirkwood Avenue, in front of the Von Lee building and near IU’s iconic Sample Gates. The art would feature the phrase, “All Lives Matter” with thin blue and red lines, representing support for first responders.

Of course this request was – denied. Why? Because damn it, we’re a liberal ass town and can’t have that kind of thinking! Plus there is a thin blue line proposed in that mural – we can’t support cops!

The plaintiffs are also alleging violations of Indiana’s Constitution such as the right to speak, write or print on any subject. The lawsuit cites the state Constitution’s guarantee that all citizens will be equally granted the same privileges or immunities. Say it with me: “oh that pesky constitution.” Did this really have to go all the way to the supreme court for us to not see this is problematic?

The second example I thought was even more silly. Going all the way now to the US Supreme Court we have the case of the high school football coach who would go to the 50 yard line after the game and pray. He did it for years until, alas, a liberal raised their hand and said “you can’t do that.”

Joe Kennedy is an 18-year Marine veteran, who also worked at the local naval shipyard in Bremerton, about 20 miles west of Seattle across the Puget Sound. But high school football is his passion. Returning to his alma mater in 2008, Kennedy started as an assistant varsity coach.

“The prayer after the football game — that was just myself, I would just take a knee at the 50-yard line after football game,” Kennedy told Fox News’ chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream. “After a few months, the kids would say: Coach, what are you doing out there? And I just said I was thanking God for what you did. They asked if they could join. And I said: it’s America, a free country, you do what you want to do. And that’s how that kind of started.”

How could he!? Free country? How could he tell a high school kid that they have a choice to practice their religion in public should they choose too? Funny how they literally sue to keep this kind of influence out of their high school kid’s head, but it’s not just fine but a CRIME to not allow 2nd grade teachers to allow meditation over whether a kid is a boy or a girl. The hypocrisy is through the roof.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Logic”

  1. “If it weren’t for the Democrat’s hypocrisy, we’d simply have nothing to discuss.” -Dr Charles Krauthammer (RIP)

  2. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Once again, your cogent & concise presentation of facts shows exactly how idiotic Democrats & liberals are in reality. Remember, Democrats Are Evil & ALL Liberals Are Liars.

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