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Let’s All Move To Denmark!

If there is one thing that nearly all Republicans can agree on is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is dumb as a box of rocks.

She spews out her socialism garbage and continuously makes comments trying to justify how her version is “different.” One of the ways she and our pal Bernie like to do that is throw out the outstanding model that the Scandinavian countries like Denmark have.

In her most recent rant she went off, as most progressives have, when the Senate parliamentarian disallowed Democrats to include a $15 minimum wage in their Covid bill. She even noted that $15 is actually a compromise! Do you know how much McDonald’s workers in Denmark get paid? Well get yourself educated!

I do give her bonus points for being able to spell parliamentarian, although I’m sure google helped.

So hell, why not – let’s go down this path. Why not?

We all know AOC slept through her economics classes (“utterly embarrassing” honestly that Boston University gave her a diploma) but if you have a brain in your head you’re probably asking the question “but what does it cost to live in Denmark?”

For those with a basic grasp of the concept of supply and demand one knows that when demand increases and supply remains roughly the same that prices will increase. Particularly on necessities – food, fuel, housing. It’s the inflationary path that Democrats want to take you down because they think you are too stupid to understand that even though you make more money you have less spending power. Here’s what I could find comparing US cost of living versus that in Denmark. Let’s start with restaurants:

Uh yikes. But what do you expect, they have to pay everyone working $22 or more an hour. How do you think they could stay in business? Want more, we got it:

Like a blind horse that don’t look too good either. I wonder why rice is cheaper? I’ll go with it’s all anybody can afford to eat so they import an ass ton of it.

And finally, housing.

Ready to pack your bags yet? I think you get the point. We can make the minimum wage $100 an hour. It doesn’t matter. The market will adjust the prices accordingly and you’ll be no better off.

So don’t be like AOC’s band of loyal twitter followers and keep using your brain, I know you got it in you.

4 thoughts on “Let’s All Move To Denmark!”

  1. Thank you for a very succinct and eye opening discourse. For those who have never considered what inflation will do, they are too young to have lived through the Carter debacle (Presidency) when we were staring double digit inflation in the face. Had Reagan not fixed the situation, we’d be looking at tooth paste costing $40/ tube.

    The ONLY reason these socialist hacks are pushing for a $15/hr minimum wage is because the unions are demanding they do so.

    Many unions base their base pay for their wage scale on the minimum wage. They use an agreed upon multiplier to the minimum wage as the standard.

    With a minimum wage of $7.25 and a Multiplier of 3, you have a base wage of $21.75
    If you raise the minimum wage to just $8/hr, the base wage become $24.00.
    The 10.3% bump to the minimum wage translates to a 10.3% bump as well. It also increases production costs, by the same 10.3%, without any benefit to the company. No experience gained. No increased incentive to work harder or be more productive. Instead, you’ll have a shop full of people willing to do as little as possible to earn as much as possible. It isn’t a sustainable business model.


    You figure them harvard and yale grads would figure out. Simple economics, extra cost will always get figured in and probaly then more with these dumb asses.I know we took a nose dive last Democrat we had in office. I think this one might be worse in half the time too!! A nation full of fools and dumb asses. Sad so very sad.i should went to the school of Dr Kavorkian cause business will be there to be had just saying or became a jackal (Bruce Willis movie) maybe more satisfying. Sorry for rant but stupid is hard to take sometimes. Anyway have a nice day my friends. Uh

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