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Leaving Trashbook

It really wasn’t a hard decision in the grand scheme of things. I struggled a bit with the fact that I know I’ll have less interaction with a lot of people that I enjoyed interacting with. When the smoke cleared about 110 of you were kind enough to give me your email address so you can continue interacting with me here. I think I had about 240 “friends” in total, so clearly quite a few didn’t bother, and that’s okay.

Of course it also means I won’t be seeing your pictures and videos either, at least for a while anyway. I checked out Parler for a while but frankly found it to not be at all as good from an interface standpoint as Trashbook was. I did check out MeWe today, another competing site, and found it to be much friendlier. I need to investigate that further because although the login page notes that is is “free forever” it also has two versions – a free version and “premium” version that is a mere $4.99 a month. I’ll work on that some and report back to you all. I want to see Dawn’s dog Bear doing silly stuff, Linda Robinson’s ridiculously talented collegiate gymnast do the uneven bars, follow the Many Adventures of Aiden and Rhyan my great nephew and niece, laugh my ass off at Crystal Vicha’s complete ridiculousness, and drool over Chris Evans’ pics of food at Sangiovese, amongst other things.

One of the cool features of MeWe, and I’ll guess we will see if they get enough people to sign up for “premium” to support this, is that they don’t go searching your web browsing history to try and target ads to you. Supposedly anyway. I was reminded of how Trashbook invades our privacy today as I still have Instagram (which is owned by Trashbook) on my phone and as I scrolled through it today there was an advertisement for a pizza oven. Yes, I had been talking with my Dad and my wife and in the conversation “pizza oven” was mentioned several times. That’s right, I didn’t type it into a browser, didn’t text it, didn’t put it an email – we just talked about it. And the phone microphone picked it up, and there was the ad. Cocksuckers.

And of course I won’t miss the censorship. I’m 100% certain that many of you were not even seeing my posts, especially the ones that Trashbook disagreed with. I couldn’t help but laugh when I made a post of quotes of Democrats saying stupid things – the quotes were 100% accurate and were word for word. Trashbook slapped a fact check on the post for “may contain misleading information.” What the fuck, it was their OWN WORDS. No context was left out. One example was the famous Maxine Waters rant regarding what to do to Trump Supporters and Cabinet Members.

Misleading information? Seemed pretty damn clear to me. But what do I know, I’m deplorable, uneducated, racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic simply because of a small oval I darkened with a pen in November. I guess the money I spent on that IU Undergrad and Butler MBA didn’t distance me nearly enough from the trailer we lived in when I was born.

Trashbook currently has around 2.8 billion users. Now how many of those are fake God only knows. Listening to Democrats for the last four years most of them are probably Russians. They claim that roughly 2/3 of that base are “daily active users,” or about 1.85 billion. That’s 1.85 billion who on a daily basis give information to them which they process and use to profile you. Your browsing history, the posts you make, the pages and people you follow, what you like, what you share and where you go. All to make sure that you click on the ads that they want you to. Hooked like a grouper in Gulf. Get in the net, you’re dinner tonight baby.

So how much is all the information worth? According to the stock market the company as of its closing price on Friday February 5th was worth $763,460,000,000. Divide that by 1.8 billion active users and the market is telling you that each person’s information profile is worth roughly $424 apiece. What’s scary is that seems damn low to me, so that stock could be going higher. Perhaps much higher. Mark Zuckerberg is worth about $90,000,000,000 now, how much more can he wreck America if he throws another hundred billion on the pile?

It’s almost been over a week that I’ve paid zero attention to Trashbook, and I have to say it’s been a welcome thing. I’m pretty certain my blood pressure is better and starting my day without that nonsense is a good thing. It’s a good feeling to have escaped and I wondered if I’d be able to stick with it and not only have I done it but I’m now certain I won’t be returning. Thank God for that.

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  1. You’ve almost convinced me. 😬

    “Trashbook” pulls me back in though… with memories and photo storage. 😎

    I see the control and manipulation… Never see he pages I spent years researching for and saving/ liking.

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