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If We Keep Lying It Will Become True

I really guess I’d seen it all when I watched the media spend four years parsing every single word that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Which was a full time job since he would rarely ever shut up.

The thing that they are doing now, however, is frankly criminal. They are carefully choosing their words when they lie about the Georgia voter law. Whether it’s a carefully turned phrase or the omission of one or two key words, they just continue to spout out the lies they’ve concocted about it in the hopes that if they keep saying it over and over it all will eventually come true.

I read an article today about how woke superstar Will Smith has decided to move his latest movie filming out of Georgia. The usual bullshit was cited, including this line:

The rules shorten the duration of absentee voting, require absentee voters to produce identification, limit the use of drop boxes and make it a crime to hand out free food or water to voters standing in line.

Let’s address the one that’s at true in that sentence first and foremost. The new rules do shorten the absentee ballot submission period which had previously been set to a ridiculous 180 days. It now will open eleven weeks prior to the election. If eleven weeks isn’t enough time for you to fill out a vote, stamp it and mail it then you’re a fucking idiot and shouldn’t be voting anyway.

The second is that absentee voters would need to produce identification and that this would be “especially hard on people of color.” What they fail to mention is that Georgia will provide photo identification to any resident for free. Not too difficult. The primary point, however, is to be able to match absentee ballots to numbers versus using signature verification which is a giant pain in the ass and leads to many ballots that are rightfully cast being set aside. This is done by several states, not just Georgia.

The most comical one is the one regarding handing out food and water. Yes, the bill outlaws electioneers, people who are there to support candidates, from handing out gifts to people in line. People can, however, bring their own, the county can allow food trucks on site at polling places, and polling volunteers can pass out water in places where lines may be lengthy.

Finally, and the one that is the most ridiculous of all the bullshit is the “elimination of drop boxes.” What they completely don’t bother to mention is that prior to the pandemic Georgia never even had drop off boxes. Due to Covid-19 the legislation passed a law allowing for drop boxes to be used in the 2020 elections – but it was only authorized for those elections and needed to be renewed. While there may be fewer boxes in the next election than there were in 2020, there would be none if Republican lawmakers didn’t write it into the bill just passed.

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  1. Everything is always harder on “people of color”. That’s just the way it is. A meteor is hurtling through space right now, headed directly toward Earth. We are all going to die, but minorities will suffer more. Again, that’s just the way it is. Stop disbelieving that and eventually it will become true, you biscuit you.

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