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ICYMI – The News of The Week

What was it that dude on WIBC used to say? It’s all the news that’s fit to be printed on recycled paper.

So liberals are disgusted by Hyatt Hotels because they allowed CPAC, a group of conservatives to hold their annual convention at one of their hotels.

How dare Hyatt allow a group of people to gather and express their thoughts and views in a peaceful assembly! I guess it would have been all together different and perfectly okay if they would have just taken to the streets and burned some shit down.

Conservatives freaked out when they heard that Mister Potato Head was being cancelled in favor of a gender neutral toy that will just be called “Potato Head.” Hasbro, in a marketing move worthy of Jeff Bezos himself, quickly assured everyone that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys would still be available. Hats off to Hasbro for getting a ton of free advertising out of this move and continuing to cash cow off a toy invented in the 1950’s. Brilliant.

Nancy Pelosi is busy using her US Treasury issued American Express Super Platinum card and brought to the floor a “Covid Relief” bill that totals $1,900,000,000,0000. I haven’t seen that many zeros since that one semester when I didn’t hand in any of my French homework. Included in the bill is money for a transportation system in Silicon Valley. Covid relief indeed. Hey doesn’t Silicon Valley back Nancy and the Democrats? Probably just a coincidence.

Liberal politicians with few brains and even less education in civics went ballistic when the Senate parliamentarian ruled that they could not include a minimum wage increase in the legislation passed through the reconciliation process. Most of them of course spouted off before they even realized that this impartial judge was appointed by their own party during the Obama administration.

Hey I have an idea – why don’t you come up with some ideas that we can all agree on and compromise? Seems to me like you’ve got at least seven Republicans who would listen or feel like they have to pander to the moderate/democrat side of their home state to keep their seat since you got that many to impeach Trump. Then you wouldn’t have to do an end run around printing two trillion dollars of our grand kids money.

I like to monitor the CNN website on occasion to see what the enemy is up to and was surprised to find they actually covered the Republican CPAC meeting on their front page. Then I realized it was an article pointing out the “top ten falsehoods” espoused at the meeting. I guess if anyone would be able to spot something fake CNN is well qualified. I read the article and it was, as you might suspect, mostly things without context or lies that CNN just keeps saying over and over until it might actually come true. Say it with me – RUSSIA!

When President Biden was inaugurated I predicted it would be at day 100 that the “whispers” about his mental well being would start happening. Democrats haven’t even waited that long, with thirty of them signing a letter encouraging him to make changes to the power he has to launch a nuclear strike. They of course tried to blame it on Trump by saying that “past presidents” have “exhibited concerning behavior” when it comes to our nuclear arsenal. I personally think they are more worried that Biden will accidentally click on a link he shouldn’t and hear the words “shall we play a game?”

He also stumbled through his remarks as usual this week and the White House announced that they are going to delay the annual State of the Union speech. As usual they dodged the “why” question as if anyone with a brain doesn’t know that without a teleprompter Biden speaking for forty five minutes without help would be a complete disaster. It’s okay Dems, we already know that.

Liberals made fun of Tucker Carlson this week who pointed out that they tried to find the “Qanon” website and were unable to do so. If you don’t know, Qanon is some sort of group who allegedly spouts off conspiracy theories including the election being thrown out and Trump returning to office. I googled “Qanon” and got four pages of liberal websites like CNN, MSNBC, Salon, The Week, The Daily Beast – basically the usual suspects – writing about Qanon, raising alarm bells about how dangerous they are. Most make it sound like if you’re conservative you are very likely to have a Qanon membership card in your wallet. Without Trump in office they are stretching pretty hard to find a boogeyman aren’t they?

Happy Sunday kids, enjoy the coming week!

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