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I Smell… Bullshit?

I’m not going to write in detail about this article but wanted to post it just because honestly – I don’t believe the guy.

He claims to have applied for 130 jobs and only got one interview.

Ok, he’s no spring chicken at 72 years old. But I just am not buying he only got one interview. Every company I know is hurting for people. I’d take the guy in a heartbeat if he had a half decent resume. Maybe I’m wrong, but seems damn fishy to me. What you think? Tell me in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “I Smell… Bullshit?”

  1. First, being 72 years old, he is eligible for Social Securit, and her can tap into his 401 K assuming that he has a 401k. Even if he doesn’t, his SS should more than cover his rent or mortgage payment and Medicare should cover his health care.

    There’s absolutely no reason he should have to work unless he’s bored

  2. I cannot speak for the state of Maine BUT if he’d move to either Indiana or Florida (since I KNOW about these two states) he’d been hired months ago, unless he has a “gotcha” attached to his app. A burger place in Bloomington, In. – GUARANTEED $13.00/HR to start EVEN IF ONLY PART TIME! Look up Hobby Lobby on line, $13 to $18 to start with a shit load of benefits AND every Sunday off! The Lowe’s in Sebring, Fl is crying for help @ $14/HR and up to $18 with some experience. This dude is NOT telling the whole story – you are right, does not pass the sniff test!

  3. I will believe this if the following were true:

    1. The jobs applied for were beyond his physical abilities. (Not stated in the article)
    2. The positions applied for were in his field and his salary demands exceeded their budgets. (Not stated in the article)

    I can “Cherry Pick” 150 positions I’m either not qualified for (Either physically or experience wise) or qualified for but desire more than they’re willing to pay, and never get an interview.

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