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Greetings From the Mayo Clinic

Where’s he been the last few days? Yep, in the damn hospital. Of course this is your blog to read not mine to talk about me, but several of you had heard this and called/texted/email and I truly appreciate it very much.

It’s humbling to know that an entire prayer groups in Florida, Tennessee, and Indiana have been praying for me. I understand earlier this week the entire nun group for Lafayette Schools was praying for me. How can u go wrong with that?

What’s wrong with me – the new drug the docs have had me on was beating up my kidneys. Pretty bad. Bad enough to earn me blue-cross all expenses paid five day four night long stay in the Mayo. The food is half decent anyway. My doctors tell me that I’m doing better. Imma be out of here tomorrow enough about me, man I got a lot to talk about it.

It’s typically random thought Thursday so here we go.

This is almost like one of those high school exercises we used to do where we ask what is wrong with that sentence? Easy to break ti down.

First, you cannot fix anything besides a bridge by throwing “reparations” at it. You certainly cannot fix something as “innocuous” as the racial wealth gap. Who would qualify? Well that’s easy, anyone who can pull a voting lever with a D on the knob. How much it “might cost.” Might. Now there’s an interesting word ain’t it? Well, it never will so forget it. The more you give the more prices go up and the wider the gap gets. If America ever needed a lesson in how finely tuned our supply chain is well they got it in spades now didn’t they?

This is from a week or two ago. I do love how in today’s hyper sensitive world that just the thought of Roe V. Wade being “gutted” has spurned such a large number of articles, panel discussions and general bullshit over something that hasn’t happened.

Funny, I will never forgive her for literally a career of wrecking government for the people by the people. Her shit cracks me up – Trump really rattled her cushioned little world didn’t it? Can’t wait to see her retire, can’t happen soon enough.

Just never forget folks:

2 thoughts on “Greetings From the Mayo Clinic”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Jussie didn’t, “make a mistake.” He deliberately, with forethought & malice, attempted to capitalize on the media perceived “racial divide,” & was caught. Had the evidence not been so overwhelming that even Beetlejuice couldn’t ignore it, he’d still be lying about what actually happened.

    I’m glad you’re doing better. We all need you healthy.

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