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A Florida judge denied a motion to temporarily reinstate the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits that were terminated prematurely this summer. The loss comes as the federal unemployment programs are set to expire on September 6.

“This decision belongs solely to the state’s Chief Executive,” Judge Layne Smith wrote in the order. “Ultimately, Governor DeSantis’s strategy to promote reemployment by ending Florida’s participation in the FPUC program is a political issue that the voters can approve or reject at the ballot box.”

Several states have ended these benefits early, and workers, especially lazy workers, have sued to stop them with mixed results. The other 24 states who didn’t opt to end benefits early and continue to give away free taxpayer cash – 21 of those were (supposedly) won by Joe Biden in 2020.

I can only speak to Florida since I live here, but the amount of now hiring signs around here is ridiculous. They are literally everywhere. Speaking to a local restaurant owner a few days ago he basically told me the only qualification he needs right now is to know whether or not the person applying is breathing. Some of his back of the house employees are making $19/hour.

I am too. It’s becoming pretty obvious that we have a LOT of people living in this country that have tasted the sweet milk from the government teet and liked it. And they are willing to sue just to keep staying home and collecting an exorbitant amount of unemployment.

When did this happen? I mean I’ve seen over the last ten years how sad the college graduates coming out have been. They lack skills, they have no work ethic. Now true, true, it’s not ALL of them – but it’s enough of them that it’s noticeable. Very noticeable. God help us all.

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