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Filibuster This

We live in fortunate times in that there are two Democrats left with a brain in their head who don’t want to get rid of the Senate filibuster. And since Joe Biden is so unpopular right now he can’t talk a Senator into getting him a milkshake it probably isn’t changing anytime soon.

Of course this latest Democratic boondoggle in trying to get rid of the filibuster is their own hypocrisy at it’s best. In 2017 sixty-seven senators signed a letter advising that getting rid of the filibuster would be a bad idea and helps to ensure bipartisanship. One of those was then-Senator Kamala Harris. Now of course she thinks it’s an “arcane,” racist and clearly bigoted tool of white supremacy.

Why is Manchin so smart not to fall for this crap? Because he actually remembers what happens the last time the Democrats pulled this stunt. Democrats were so desperate to get a few of their knuckleheads on the supreme court in the Obama years that they nuked the filibuster rule for the supreme court. This of course meant that a few years later Donald Trump got to put three justices on the court. Whoops! Talk about coming back to bite one in the ass. It’s almost like trading away future draft picks that come back to haunt you big time (hmmm Colts).

It’s worth wondering just what kind of Pandora’s Box the Democrats are toying with today as they consider obliterating the filibuster for good and always. It seems as certain as the summer sun that the GOP will take both houses of congress in this year’s midterm election. Free from the filibuster, Republicans will pounce on the precedent which may well again become the legislative version of stepping on a rake for Democrats.

The result of this will be President Biden becoming the vetoer-in-chief. Instead of handing out pens at ceremonial bill signings, a lonely Biden will scratch his scrawl on documents of obstruction. If he seems ineffective now, just wait until his entire reason for being is to act as a white haired roadblock to the business of the nation.

Ten years ago it must have been credibly argued that ending the filibuster inherently benefited Democrats who favor broad use of federal power. But the new right, now in ascendancy, no longer views limited federal power as its primary concern. On issues from big tech, to crime, to religious freedom, today’s Republicans have plenty to legislate and given the chance they will.

It’s one thing to be careful what you wish for. It is another altogether to knowingly walk into a disaster for the sake of one bill that might not even stand the test of time and the courts. On one hand I almost want the Democrats to do it – down the road they could very well deeply regret the move.

Author’s note: Some portions of this article were originally published by David Marcus at Fox.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Unfortunately, the crap the Democrats saddle us with, has a way of sticking around & hurting We The People in the long run. Social Security, War on Poverty, Department of Education, & the Clintons. We deserve so much better.

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