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Fake News Tuesday

I have to tell you I could basically write a column every single day taking some “media” article and taking it apart as the fake bullshit that it is.

They use words, polls and statistics to bolster their arguments, and they are slick as hell. But we are smarter than they are. Spotting their bullshit is what we do! And here is where they get called out for it.

Last week I ran across this little headline:

What exactly is rhetoric? According to my dictionary, it’s empty words:

So I clicked on the article. No shock here but they are going after old Tucker Carlson, which is what you do when you are jealous of the cable news ratings leader by a country mile:

Now read that paragraph. “A Republican congressman compared Democrats to Nazis.” The author here is praying you don’t click on the link to the speech he’s referring to – because of course he doesn’t compare specific Democrats to Nazis. He compares how there are members of the Democratic party that want to destroy America (something they’ve directly said about the systems and institutions, see yesterday’s article about progressive DA’s) and rebuild them, which is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis did to rise to power. A subtle difference? Maybe. But he also points out in the speech that not all Democrats do this. He’s spot on.

The second, and far more troubling bit of bullshit here, is read the last part of the sentence above: “a hard-right news host suggested tens of thousands of Americans should be executed.” So what you see above is a screenshot. Clearly a picture of Tucker Carlson, and then that statement. This is CLEARLY intended to make you think it was Tucker Carlson who said that. You have to get farther down in the article before you discover it was not, but came from some other knucklehead I’ve never heard of. But they want to vilify Tucker and by carefully placing their pictures and words together they lead you to believe this.

Question everything they tell you, look for the clues and easily take their narrative apart.

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