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Fake News Runs Rampant

Courtesy of the current administration running (maybe?) our federal government. Hand in hand with their willing co-conspirators the Communist News Network and More Stuff Not Being Correct they continue to insist to us how great things are when we can all see how things are definitely not going so great.

The one thing that they really like hanging their hat on lately is the “unemployment rate.”

The December jobs report came out yesterday and, despite it being 200,000 fewer jobs than Biden’s crack economists had predicted, they wanted to celebrate the unemployment rate dropping to 3.9%.

The first thing you are probably asking is how can we “miss” the job number and still have unemployment go down? As with most things your government tells you, there are two ways to drop the rate, one that I believe is a bit more productive than the other.

The first is the way that unemployment went down under the policies of Donald Trump. Jobs were actually created and there was a demand for those jobs within the country’s pool of labor. The best part of his policies were that through job creation and a lack of incentives not to work the labor pool had plenty to choose from – and many did. It was across the board as well – hispanic, african american, caucasian it didn’t matter everyone was enjoying a job that wanted one. I know most of us have forgotten just how awesome 2019 was in terms of the economy but it was in fact a banner year and everything was going great until the Chinese bombed us with Covid.

The second way, preferred apparently by the democrat party, is to reduce the pool of reported labor. The most potent combination of policies to achieve this is first to open borders to encourage the type of labor that allows big agricultural companies (mostly in California) to pay low wages and not reports them. The second way is to pay people not to work. The Biden demonstration used a two step approach to accomplish this whereby they extended overly generous unemployment insurance through this past September and then picked up those folks with kids by implementing a bait and switch where their child tax credit they’d get in 2022 was paid in advance. Most of the folks just kept taking the money, but of course come tax time that fat tax refund they’ve been getting used to getting will be substantially reduced.

Democrats have been successful with this before back in the early Barack Obama days. Pay people not to work, reduce the the labor force participation rate (now once again nearing all time lows under Biden) and you can claim “low unemployment.”

Yep, it sure is. It’s easy to do ten minutes of research and realize just how full of shit these people are. Don’t be fooled.

1 thought on “Fake News Runs Rampant”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Wow! Talk about an untrustworthy bunch. Don’t forget, the Republicans are complicit as well. Otherwise, they’d be decrying this from the rooftops so loudly, even the MSM couldn’t ignore them. No, the “Don’t rock the boat” GOP is as worthless as their fellow swamp dwellers.

    These are the reasons we must have term limits & elect political outsiders as well.

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