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Fake News Monday

So last week several liberal media outlets (ok, all the media outlets) were quick to jump on a study out of UCLA noting that states with more stringent lockdown requirements (say California) posted better economic growth than states with looser restrictions (say Florida).

AHA! Screamed the Miami Herald, we told you that DeSantis was an idiot. If he had done what California did and locked everyone in their house we’d all be way better off!

In fact the study of course targeted not just Florida but also Texas to prove how big of a pair of lunatics their two Republican anti-lockdown governors are.

So what did the study find?

The states that were considered for this analysis are basically the states that produce most of the U.S. GDP — states with a population of 5 million or greater. California had more stringent interventions and a lower infection rate than either Texas or Florida, two states to which it’s often compared. Yet California also performed better with respect to GDP than either Texas or Florida.

So what do you think … do you believe it? If you’re reading this blog you probably don’t.

As it is with nearly all things main stream media the study is of course at best flawed, and the “results” being reported to you are of course…

Let’s think about the economics of the states in question first and foremost. What comes to mind when I ask you to think about industry in Florida?

Of course it’s the tourist industry. Which by the way, the governor of Florida DID lockdown by outlawing vacation rentals for a period of time during the pandemic. So despite the other “levels of restrictions” would you not expect Florida to suffer pretty badly economically REGARDLESS during a pandemic? What do you think of when I ask about industry in Texas?

Yes – oil. Let’s think about this for a moment … what happened to travel during 2020? Oh right, it completely shut down. Travel requires energy – demand plummeted. For a while Florida stopped your ass at the border asking you what your business was before letting you in (couldn’t Biden use a lesson there at the Mexico border). So again, it didn’t matter whether Texas was “stringent or loose” because they were GOING to take a hit.

And the capper in this fount of fake news – how DID California “fair better economically” with their stringent lockdowns? Again, just ask yourself the question – what might have been going on in California that may have actually BENEFITED from a US pandemic?

Ahhhhh yes. The center of US technology companies – Silicon Valley USA. So of course California did BETTER economically than the states whose industries were more hurt than helped by Covid. The level of restriction didn’t mean a damn thing. DUH?!

Hey wait, you say, being smart and thinking critically as I’ve taught you, what about New York? That’s a big liberal state that had stringent lockdown rules, why didn’t they talk about them? Well you know why – they couldn’t explain the data there. In other words, it didn’t support their theory, so they ignored it.

Continue to think for yourself kids, and please remember if the media tells you something that sorta sounds like it could be true – well then they probably aren’t telling you everything.

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