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Fake As Hell

Most of us know by now that Joe Biden isn’t president. Well, he’s the guy with the title, but anyone who actually thinks the brainless wonder is doing any of his duties without massive assistance is delusional. Even Democrats sheepishly admit that “something could be going on there.”

The latest issue to come up related to this is the fact that the Biden Administration has built a fake oval office set for when Biden does telecasts or stages prop videos like him getting the Covid booster shot.

That’s right – and this isn’t “how did we fake the moon landing” conspiracy talk. Despite the White House’s best effort, the secret is out.

This was fairly rampant across social media yesterday. Social media users shamed and mocked President Dementia Wednesday after he spoke, once again, from a fake White House set that featured a digital monitor showing the Rose Garden in full bloom. Nice try.

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller tweeted out why he believes they do this.

Others openly questioned exactly why this is necessary – better be careful or the DOJ will be coming after you for daring to ask questions.

It’s real. Funny how they mocked Trump for his “green screen” scandal but yet no one seems to care about this. Am I the only one who finds this a little weird??

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Rules for thee but, not for me.

    Why has NO ONE in the administration, or Congress reported any adverse effects from the shots? I got the Moderna shots & the second one kicked my butt. 🤔

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