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Everything Is Racist

At least to Nikole Hannah-Jones, whose Pulitzer prize for writing about systemic racism has gone to her head. Where there is plenty of room since there’s no brain in it.

Her latest idiocy is slamming a company called Landis Technologies. Landis is a company who helps people with poor credit and who are renting find homes that they rent-to-own, usually on a two year contract. She’s made that some high profile African Americans such as Will Smith have invested in the company.

Jones tweets: Credit counseling is not what will take low-income renters to homeowners, wealth will. All this program does is charge struggling people additional fees for being poor, which is what every other predatory lender does.

She couldn’t be more wrong. You might think that the primary driver of net worth is investment in the stock market, which most people own through their 401k’s. It’s not even close. When it comes to raising net worth, home ownership is a much bigger differentiator, and this chart illustrates that:

Source: Federal Reserve 2019

The difference there is abundantly clear. For the vast majority of Americans, home ownership is the key to building wealth. Hot tip Hannah: just giving money to people does not raise them out of poverty. Financial literacy is FAR more important.

Hannah-Jones accuses Landis of being “predatory” – because she claims they charge fees for credit counseling. Except, oops, she’s wrong.

Landis Technologies co-founder Cyril Berdugo said in an interview on Monday that Hannah-Jones’ comments about the company are “false.”

“A lot of the things that were said are not true,” Berdugo said, explaining, “we don’t charge additional fees, we don’t charge credit counseling fees,” and “we’re not a lender and we are not predatory.”

A quick google search of the company reveals a professional website with what appears to be a number of helpful tools and an open dialog about what they do and how they can help renters become homeowners. Google reviews gives the company 4.7 stars out of 5, a rating that any business would love to have on their google search.

And why should they not make a profit from this? Since when is it predatory in this country to offer a service, particularly one that helps people financially, and make a profitable business of it? If you want to talk about predators, let’s talk about the banks and the ridiculous fees they charge.

So we’ll leave the woke warriors to handing out their Pulitzers, and over here we’ll be working to make an actual difference in people’s lives by espousing proven change and ideas.

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  1. As a REALTOR myself, I find this article particularly interesting. I am very familiar with Landis, they are a wonderful company who is helping level the playing field for want-to-be homeowners, who need to work on their credit in order to be able to actually own a home. If anything, it accomplishes the very opposite of what she claims. Stop listening to these purveyors of hate and division, they don’t help anyone.

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