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Endorsing Slavery

Everyone in the media loved calling Donald Trump a racist. They couldn’t provide any evidence that he was a racist, and his actions from the past clearly contradicted the accusation, but since when do liberals care about facts?

Amusing how they now don’t call out Joe Biden as the racist that he is. Oh, and there’s plenty of actual evidence that he’s a racist, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bed sheet with eye holes in his closet somewhere.

His past is littered with racist statements. Barack Obama is the first Black American who is an “articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” One needs an Indian accent to shop at 7-Eleven. School integration puts children in a “racial jungle.” “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” A former Klan organizer was “a dear friend.” His crime bill in 1994 incarcerated more black citizens than any law in the history of this country.

But again, facts mean nothing. And now the Biden administration through their very actions is endorsing slavery. And it’s as plain as day, and the media doesn’t care.

Upon taking office Biden immediately killed the Keystone XL pipeline, banned drilling on federal lands, and re-instituted rules and regulations that had made the US energy independent.

I think we can all agree, except liberals who again pay no attention to facts, that by doing this there were a great number of jobs in the US that were immediately ended. The best estimates I can find online note that entry-level oil workers earned average salaries of $76,000. The top 25% of workers in the energy field make six figures and more for manual labor.

Now let’s talk about the conditions they work under. In the United States the industry is highly regulated for safety. What image comes to mind when you think about an oil worker?

Hard hats. Heavy insulated gloves. Safety glasses. Heavy outer protective gear. Oh, and there’s a reason those uniforms are orange. It’s a tough job – part of why it pays so well. There’s a reason why OSHA pays close attention to what happens in the USA energy sector.

But Biden has very clearly noted he does not want this – he does not want people making good money, he does not want oil that has been produced under strict regulations. Remember he told those workers “learn how to code.” No, he wants much cheaper oil produced by slaves to save him from the fact that gas prices are now 40% higher due to his own stupidity.

If we aren’t making our own oil, where is it coming from? Well we all know we get a lot of it from the Middle East. Biden in fact, out of desperation, had his Secretary of State send the leadership of OPEC and OPEC+ countries a letter demanding that they pump more oil to increase supply.

Yes oil supplied by the Middle East. You know like Saudi Arabia, well known for it’s defense of the rights of gays, lesbians and the rest of the LGBTQ community. Well known for the high pay of their workers. Well known for the low accident and death rate of their production workers.

Remember too that this is now “OPEC+” he’s buying oil from. Think Russia. Think African countries. You suppose the labor unions in the Republic of the Congo get $76K a year for their production workers?

According to Amnesty International, this is what you can expect from such countries:

OPEC’s Algeria imprisons and forces labor on members of the LGBTQ community. Sounds like slavery. It forbids trade unions. The government commits mass and arbitrary expulsions of immigrants.

OPEC’s Congo forces have impunity to commit grave human rights violations, including extrajudicial, summary executions.

OPEC’s Equatorial Guinea wants legislation to ensure discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and enslaved sex workers.

OPEC’s Libyan authorities control expression, association and assembly. The government flogs, enslaves, imprisons, and kills religious minorities, protesters and human rights activists.

The woke crowd themselves are now buying oil produced by slaves under shit conditions, from countries that literally would rather chop your head off if you’re gay than just let you work. Enabled by the Biden Administration.

This is where we are. Thanks Biden.

2 thoughts on “Endorsing Slavery”

  1. Sadly, so many working democrats cannot see (refuse to see?) what the democratic power cluster in Washington is doing. This is not about energy, interest rates, jobs or even rich vs poor. It’s all about CONTROLLING US!
    I doubt I will see a coup in my lifetime of our government but the masses but I truly do wonder if my grandson will. Hopefully common sense will prevail sooner.

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