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Education Tuesday

Gather round the table kids, class is in session. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time whatsoever we’ve been talking about inflation for some time now. And I hope you’re ready, because bend over brother, here it is.

When you have a government completely obsessed with flooding the market with cash and a media who profits from telling you that it needs to keep going you have a problem. A big problem.

We talked the other day about the anecdote of CNBC’s panel of experts missing both their jobs projection and inflation projections by a mere 400%. The damn weatherman doesn’t miss by that much. Even in Indiana.

They are lying to you – they want you to think things are worse than they are so that the free flow of money doesn’t shut off. And here’s the worst part – the idiots, mostly on the left side of the aisle, in congress are going for it as well since they get nice contributions out of it.

The latest rumbling out of Washington is that lawmakers are calling for not just a fourth, but a FIFTH stimulus check.

Read about it for yourself:

They give all the usual reasons – supposedly no one can pay their bills. It will “lift people out of poverty” (bullshit). Families are a mile behind. But ask yourself – how the hell is that possible?

For over a year now the federal government has doled out trillions of dollars in “bonus” unemployment and stimulus monies. The bonus money is so generous that most receiving it are actually making more than they were working a job. We know this is a significant contributing variable to the labor shortage that is quite literally wrecking many small businesses.

And what they really aren’t telling you is that inflation is not only here – but it is damn savage. Again, non-biscuits, use your eyes to get your news, and I am not talking about watching MSNBC (More Stuff Not Being Correct).

Southern Georgia, 5/23/2021

The average price of a gallon of gas one year ago was $1.94.

I spoke with an executive in the lumber industry the other day and asked him about a report I had seen noting that lumber prices were finally coming down. “Lie,” he replied. “Lumber futures out into later in the year have come down, but that doesn’t mean shit, as you well know.” Indeed I do. Context. Walked into home depot and tried to buy a sheet of OSB lately? Use your own eyes.

Met with Chris last Friday to discuss costs at Sangiovese. Beef prices are through the roof. Anywhere from 30-50% over a year ago. I had lunch prior to meeting with him at HC tavern. Keep in mind these prices are from their lunch menu:

I suppose it is nice of them to throw in some fries when paying $35 for crab cakes.

Most of the Dairy Queen owners I know expect that this Memorial Day weekend we will run out of chicken strips. The supply chain has put all the stores on limited case allocations. They blame the processing plants who say they can’t get workers. Makes you wonder where all the people streaming over our southern border are going, doesn’t it?

Goldman Sachs today noted that their models indicate oil prices will continue to rise into the summer, as much as 33% to $80/barrel. If you are enjoying your gas for less than $3 right now, well, enjoy it while it lasts. By the time July 4th gets here expect it to be much higher.

The bottom line? The current administration is pumping money into this economy that it frankly does not need. The balloon continues inflating, and it eventually has to pop. Batten down the hatches for that kids, it’s not going to be pretty.

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