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Education Tuesday

The sciences are not always an exacting thing. The truth is that they really never are. From medicine to economics theories abound but there are far too many variables to account for. This is part of why we so often hear things like “A study found today that eating eggs is bad for you.” And then the next day a different study comes out and proclaims eggs are the most nutritious source of food one can possibly get.

The truth of the matter is that eggs probably affect everyone differently, but both sides of the scientific egg battle will continue to argue they are right. Of course both are right and both are wrong, depending on who is eating the egg.

When Donald Trump took office he immediately took action to unleash the American economy. He did this using tactics Republicans and conservatives often tout: slashing regulations and reducing taxes. Democrats of course think this is ridiculous. They say this despite the fact that sixty years ago this is exactly what John F. Kennedy said and did. They’ve forgotten that, much like they’ve forgotten anything Dr. King said.

The results of Trump’s efforts were not successful on every measure, but they sure were on several. Unemployment plummeted. And not just for the white privilege crowd. Unemployment for Hispanics and African Americans went as low as they’d been since the government started measuring such things in the 1970’s. The stock market rocketed upwards. Prior to China’s biological attack on the world things were ripping.

Covid of course changed all of this. Is what it is as they say. The government cranked up the printing presses and sent out money. Some to people who needed it. Some to people who didn’t. Makes no never mind really, they did it and that’s the past.

The lingering part of that giveaway is the “expanded federal unemployment benefits.” If you don’t know this is an additional payment of $300 per week ($1,200/month) that unemployed people are currently receiving. It is currently scheduled to run through the end of September.

In the past few months Republicans in over twenty states have begun ending the benefits early as they theorize that people would rather sit at home and collect state unemployment plus this $1,200 bonus every month than get a job. This they say, is the primary reason there is a critical shortage of workers for job openings, an issue that is being seen across the country. Democrats of course disagree.

Democrats say that fear of Covid and childcare issues are more important factors to why people won’t come back into the workforce. Many of them actually argue that the unemployment benefits should not only not be stopped early, but should be extended until the end of the year.

Who is right about why people aren’t really trying to get a job? Probably both of them. Clearly all of those things are factors in determining whether a person has to go to work. But what factor carries the most weight? Stay tuned on that, Republicans are betting they are right – and that will bear out in the data very soon.

In the meanwhile I’m going to go have some eggs for breakfast. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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