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Don’t Miss This

I get yelled at and told how stupid I am for this opinion but I’m standing by it:

I am SURE that there are legitimate cases of gender dysphoria all over the world in kids age 18 and under. However, if you cannot see that a GREAT DEAL of this behavior is simply kids chasing the “cool thing” that’s currently in vogue you’re an idiot.

The moment a child shows confusion over their gender their parents should be told immediately and they should seek professional psychiatric and medical help that will determine if they truly are suffering from gender dysphoria or if they just want an earring in their left ear (you children of the 80’s will get the reference).

The article below scares the hell out of me. The paragraph that is most disturbing of all is this one:

“According to Littlejohn, her daughter, who was 13 years old at the time, expressed confusion over gender during the pandemic after a group of friends transitioned to the opposite sex.”

A GROUP of friends transitioned?? NO. NO. NO. That right there tells you this is an “in vogue” thing, and actually harms the very very few kids who actually may be suffering from Dysphoria. Read it and weep:

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The education establishment has time & again demonstrated the extreme distain they have for ANYONE not a member of their cult. If a teacher or administrator actually has the temerity to voice or demonstrate an opposing position, they too are attacked & made to remain silent.

    The centralized federal Department of Education has done more damage to millions of children since it’s establishment under Carter & the failure of subsequent administrations to remove it from existence. Trump tried, & the establishment rallied against him. Make no mistake, this is a DC agenda (regardless of party affiliations).

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