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One of the worst decisions Donald Trump made in the infancy of his administration was to appoint Jeff Sessions as his attorney general. Trump should have known better, Sessions was as much of a Washington swamp creature as any other politician.

And Trump paid the price when Sessions bowed down to the Democrats like the spineless RINO that he is and appointed a special counsel over the Russia hoax.

But if there is one thing you can say about Sessions’ actions in that matter is that at least he was trying to be non-partisan.

Fast forward to Trump selecting Bill Barr to be the attorney general and the liberal loony tunes went nuts as usual, espousing how things would now be totally partisan and Trump would be making Barr go after only Democrats and their operatives. The DOJ would be used as a weapon against Democrats for sure!

Except that didn’t happen. One could argue that Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax and the Clinton paid for “dossier” which turned out to be totally fake was partisan, aside from that there was no selected bias that one can name an example of while Barr was in office.

But now though things have changed. And it’s disturbing. Very disturbing.

Democrats are in control and they are not only forgetting that the attorney general is an independent guy who is supposed to enforce the laws they are openly pushing him to go after Republicans. And because Merrick Garland, like Jeff Sessions, is a spineless moron he’s going right along with it.

First, as you read about here on the blog with our constitutional law professor John Hill, the attorney general filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over their voting integrity law. Why did they single out Georgia? Well, because they are idiots and are listening to their party members and not using common sense. Several states, New York, Rhode Island, and President Dementia’s Delaware, have arguably more “restrictive” voting laws than Georgia – why isn’t the DOJ suing them to protect their citizen’s rights? Because they are all run by Democrats of course.

Then in perhaps the most blatant example of “weaponizing” the justice system, the DOJ and Treasury announced this week that they were reversing policies that allowed the former Treasury Secretary to shield Donald Trump’s tax returns from congress.

Congressional Democrats claim they HAVE to see them – it’s a matter of “national security.”

Ok, rant coming, hide the kids, and sorry mom.

Why in the fuck do they need those? They don’t tell anyone jack shit. They are only doing it because they want to make sure his ass doesn’t run again in 2024. They just want to ruin the man because he exposed what a useless bunch of pieces of shit they all are. They hate the fact that his economic policies were wildly successful until China attacked us with a virus. They’ll take the returns, they’ll spin lies and innuendo about them, and those lies will be “leaked.” It’s an unconscionable act by a group of politicians that have zero regard for citizens and lust only for power and the destruction of their enemies.

Biden has taken millions from China. His son is a cocaine head stripper-fucking douchebag who has taken millions for the simple fact that he’s Biden’s son. Nobody on the left talks about any of it. If Donald Trump’s kid was selling art to Arabs for $500K per painting the media would pass the fuck out from talking so non-stop about it that they’d forget to breathe.

This is what your justice department is spending your tax dollars on now. Going after their political opponents. You know, exactly what they said a Nazi jackass like Trump would do.

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