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Culling The Gene Pool

Over the years there is no single thing more responsible for keeping the redneck population in check than fireworks. I’ll never forget the time Old John and I had a bottle rocket go right between our heads and hit his house back in the day, exploding with a roar and deafening me for a few days. He looked over at me and yelled “it’s just like Nam!” before we lit our roman candles and retaliated against our attackers – aka our drunken friends.

Try to keep all your fingers out there this weekend friends – and ask yourself every time “is this a good idea?”

Why. WHY?

1 thought on “Culling The Gene Pool”

  1. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    I say we “REMOVE ALL safety labels” from things which should be evident when used incorrectly, and let nature run its course. There would be a lot of homes available in many parts of the US.

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