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Covid Stats – Do They Tell Us Anything?

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

-Mark Twain

Like most of you who read this blog I don’t trust the media much when it comes to telling us about the virus. The information and data are there, but even for myself, an auditor by trade, it can sometimes be difficult to weed through the “narrative” or the “spin” that all sides manage to put on it to try and make their points.

We will do no such thing on this blog. We will make no bones about it – I am a conservative and believe strongly that conservative approaches to most of the things that ail us as a country and a society are the correct answers and best path forward. And no path is perfect. So there will be no spin, just the facts as best as I can source them. I’ll pound this into your brain like a long nail: Think for yourself.

For once we’re going to actually go with the New York Times as a source. From 2/10/2021 the data in the table below on cases and deaths come from the Old Grey Lady. The Population for each state comes from Wikipedia, and the percentage of people over 65 comes from the Insurance Institute. Summarizing this in a table here is what it looks like sorted by the percentage of deaths by total population, smallest to largest for the top five most populous states:

What does it tell us do you think? Well if you live in California you have the most cases, however, your total deaths are the lowest by percentage of population (.12%). If you are unlucky enough to live in New York, you are almost twice as likely to have died from Covid by percentage (.21) than if you live in California. Both states have been fairly restrictive, apparently one with more success than the other. You do see how using these total population numbers, however, could lead one to spin the truth around a bit, can’t you?

One thing I think everyone agrees on is that this virus is an extremely voracious predator of the senior populations. So let’s sort this table by the percentage of total deaths compared to the senior population.

Whoa, whoa, whoa – wait say you auditors-in-training, why wouldn’t you include a column for only Senior deaths instead of total deaths and use that as your numerator?

I’ll tell you why. That data is hard to find.

Google it. Good luck.

So maybe this tells us something, maybe it doesn’t tell us shit, but here is the table sorted by total Covid Deaths divided by the Senior Population of the top five most populous states.

I think even without using what I would consider to be the proper numerator you can see a problem here. Basically Andrew Cuomo and the idiots in New York have killed off three times more seniors than Florida on a percentage basis.

Florida, you know, the state where a Republican governor is skewered every day by the liberal rag Miami Herald despite doing far better than New York who is ruled by a rock star.

You know, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, the dude who won an Emmy Award for his Covid Communications and somehow during the pandemic found time to write a book about how fucking great he has handled it. If there is a bigger dumbass than that guy in an important leadership role in this country right now I’m not sure who it would be, not even Nervous Nancy is that stupid. Even Gavin Newsom, who Californians are currently trying to recall from his post, isn’t nearly as good at killing off old people as Andy is.

Throw in the revelation this week that New York may have intentionally under reported Covid nursing home deaths and you really start to wonder especially if you have an elderly relative living in New York. By the way fun fact, CNN has reported exactly nothing about that story. As most of you know Andrew Cuomo’s brother is a prime time star anchor at CNN. Hmm.

So to answer this column’s headline question I’m going to go with yes. The data and the stats are telling us something. My advice, however, is not to listen to any talking knucklehead on the TV when they try to tell you what that is, and look at this data yourself. You’re smart. You have common sense. You can do this.

Question them. All of them. And if you have ideas or questions, leave notes below and let’s talk about them!

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