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Controlling How You Think

If you consume any mainstream media from CNN or MSNBC you’ll find that they lie to you often.

“Now wait a minute Chance,” you say, “they actually purposely lie? Stretch the truth maybe, but flat out lie?”

Yes, they lie. And it is most certainly done on purpose. We’ll break that down in today’s thoughts.

The first thing they want you to believe is that their prime time hosts are journalists. That’s laughable. They are opinion hosts. I think you all know which side of the aisle their opinions sit on as well. Fox News at least doesn’t bother with such nonsense, they’ll flat tell you that they are opinion hosts. At least they get it straight up front.

CNN, however, wants you to believe that they can bring you a string of experts and thinkers who are telling you the gospel. They are not. The most recent example of this also shows that they are doing it very effectively. They are in fact controlling how you think of the climate in this country, particularly when it comes to race.

First – a quick question. I want you to go with the very first number that comes into your mind. Ready? Here we go: 2019 police involved shooting data is finalized now and I want you to tell me, first number that comes to mind, how many unarmed African Americans were killed by police in 2019.

Got that number in your head? Ok keep it there for a moment. Let’s explore some recent politicians being shown on CNN and their “journalists” commentary on the subject.

Senator Corey Booker, Spartacus himself, noted in a speech that “we have a long, wretched and disturbing history in this country of black people being murdered by law enforcement.” What does that mean exactly? A hundred fifty years ago? The 1960s? Last week? I’m not sure.

They broadcast Beto O’Rourke asking at a rally “how do we continue to lose the lives of unarmed black men in the United States of America at the hands of white police officers?”

The President of the United States talked about how sad it is that because his daughter is white that he never had to teach her how to appropriately behave during a traffic stop. What?

CNN host Don Lemon openly asked the question “what is the proportional response” (that the African American community should give) in response to “mass murder over the years?”

They literally scream RACIST every chance they get. You may ask yourself the question has it always been this bad? The answer actually is no, it only got this bad when the media decided it was. Zach Goldberg, a PhD candidate studied the actual data. Zach actually compiled and studied the use of the terms “racist/racism/racists” in the New York Times, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. He wanted to know over the last fifty years how often the terms were used in the respective paper’s content. The results may shock you:

Apparently the country became most racist right around 2011 – well before Donald Trump was ever a serious political candidate.

So I asked you a question earlier. Still got that number in your mind, right? Good. I’m not the only one who has asked it lately, and the results of this study are even more disturbing.

The SKRC did a study of people and asked them a similar question and categorized the respondents by political leaning.

The question they asked was this: Do you believe the number of unarmed black Americans killed by police in 2019 was:

  1. Greater than 10,000
  2. About 10,000
  3. About 1,000
  4. About 100
  5. About 10

Sixty percent of the respondents who said they were “Very Liberal” or “Liberal” picked option 3, about 1,000. Another twenty-Five percent actually said “greater than 10,000” or “About 10,000.” That side of the aisle clearly has an opinion on the size and scope of just how prevalent the murder of unarmed blacks by the police is ravaging the country. And I think we know that those are not the folks watching Fox News, pretty sure we know where they are getting the news that forms these opinions.

So how uninformed, ignorant, uneducated are they thanks to the fake news they consume? Very. The correct answer to the question is 27. How close did you get?

2 thoughts on “Controlling How You Think”

  1. I guessed 3. Not because I’m a savant but because I believe the overwhelming sin committed by law enforcement isn’t the murder of unarmed black men, it is the abuse of their authority by speeding, blocking traffic for no real reason or parking illegally “because they’re on duty.”

    The system is rigged. But its rigged at EVERY level.

    The police forces across this nation could go a LONG WAY in improving their images if they treated people with respect and held their officers accountable who fail to do so. If the officer is speeding, they better be responding to an emergency or they lose their ride for the day. The FOP and unions need to understand they have a perception problem and they’re in the minority. They work for us and we don’t like the abuse.

    No one likes to feel like someone else isn’t accountable. Story after story is perpetuated on TV or movie screens about the greedy, wealthy, man who is only taken down by the lone liberal do-gooder. Let’s stop the need for this myth.

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