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Conspiracy Theories

I’ve often thought that a good conspiracy theory makes for a a fun story (#freebritney) but never have really bought in to most of what might be called “main stream” theories.

While I’m generally conservative I lean back towards the center, but a lot of my friends and colleagues are out to the right – some way out to the right.

Which is why I balked a bit at some of them when Biden won the election and several of them said “well, at least now the virus is going to disappear.” I would hear them say this and would nod my head a bit and roll my eyes just enough. Then, less than thirty days after Biden takes office, I see this in my wanderings:

How can this be explained? Is it our efforts at masking and social distancing? I mean, we’ve been doing that for months on end haven’t we?

Is it the vaccination process? You know the one where Kamala Harris said “in a lot of ways we are basically starting from scratch.” That can’t be it. I mean the Trump administration didn’t have the foresight to pre-order literally hundreds of millions of doses from multiplier suppliers and start shipping them to states who as it turns out some or more competent than others to administer it, right?

Despite the usual political bashing of Donald Trump, whose administration is the ENTIRE reason there is even a vaccine to begin with, even Democrats understand that this virus can’t go on forever. Too bad for CNN, they need something to at least try to maintain their lousy ratings.

Like all things in nature there are cycles – and this virus, while it will “mutate” and produce new “strains” will eventually burn itself out. We are starting to see the natural process of this occur. Unfortunately this one got a lot of people killed, particularly if a person was older and or had co-morbidities. Fortunately it appears that a great number of people also are resistant to its ravages. The media loves to tell you about the deaths but gives you little or no data on how many people get this virus and actually survive it. A lot of people get this and are back on their feet in a few days. I’m sure the current administration will miraculously recover from starting from scratch and claim victory over the virus in the coming months, all due to their efforts.

As of this exact moment if you get the virus you have something with a 98.24% survival rate in the United States. If you’re healthy and under age 50 your chance of dying from it is almost zero.

In the meantime let’s bask a bit in the glory of this thing starting to peter out. Cases in New York dropped twenty five percent in the week prior. Florida, where the Miami Herald ran another liberal hit piece story about how no one is wearing masks or giving a damn, saw another decrease of thirteen percent.

The Herald also likes to bash on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration’s vaccine rollout. You know the one that has managed to vaccinate 1.7 million seniors so far. But don’t let the facts get in the way of being a liberal rag pandering to the Trump-hating Karens of the world.
Florida Vaccination Numbers Through 2/14/2021

Repeat one of this blog’s mantra’s with me kids: THINK FOR YOURSELF!

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